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The final countdown has started  to-day and this years winner will be announced on March, 9. 2013.

During the late morning hours, the press and media representatives were invited to the „Larus” Conference Center to be present at the personal interviews of the applicant competitors to run for the title of “Miss Colours Hungary 2013.”  Beside participants from Budapest, several individuals arrived from different locations of Hungary. This was the first time the applicants met the jury. At the jury seated:

Ms. Katalin Varga, Miss Colours – Hungarian beauty pageant winner of 2012, Hungarian beauty pageant winner Ms. Barbara Orosz, presenter at the Hungarian TV/Channel 2. appearance, the external and internal consistency watched and talked to the contestants about the importance of equal opportunities in the beauty industry.  Mr. Pál Nánási, photographer, Mr. Zsolt Kucsera, master hairdresser, Mr. Géza Szabó, Director, Larus Restaurant and Event Center and Ms. Zita Pataki, hostess of the event – RTL/TV presenter.

The interviews went along with „Q”and „A” back-and-forth taking in account various aspects of the interest and the „Y” the applicants feel, consider the importance to participate at the  Miss Colours – Beauty Contest.

Each and every candidate spoke about their mission the „?”s they consider the importance for accessibility and how to help the cause. Mentioning a couple of interviews:

Ms. Barbara Szántó came out first. As she said:”Just „rushed” here from a wheelchair dancing group and pleased to be here again after participating at this competition in 2012. My main goal is to be in the 8 finalist. Wish to show myself and others the ability of appearance of my external and internal face.” She added there is still much to do in mind and action to make it better to get along for the wheelchair users.” As she told us, it is rather important for her to be in the „big family of dancers.

Ms. Nikolett Almási, has a child as a single mother.  She has a 10 yrs.old boy. Q: „How did the little one take it as you entering this competition?” A: „He was surprise to hear about it, but must say my son and especially my whole family and friends nagged me to enter the competition again. They are great supporters”

Ms. Viktória Gulyás, … what can say… you can see from her eyes, she is a „huge dog lover”! Completed drama studies, but did not go to be an actress, working as a journalist. She has 4 dogs. Her own supporter dog is 11 years old, the other three she brought to her home at the age of 8 weeks to be trained, but as Viktória said it ain’t really a „course” because the puppies copy the elder dogs in every way.. She is also a member of the Dogs for Humans Foundation, existing since ’94 and is a supporter in training dogs for this purpose. Soon or later, the three of the doggies will be handed over to wheelchair personals. Q: „What does this competition mean to you?” A: „My main target is by participating at this competition to rise attention to the authorizes about the need of accessible transport for the wheelchair individuals.”

Ms. Marietta Laura Molnár,  winner in the 3rd place of the 1st. Miss Colours Wheelchair-Bond Competition in  2012, also came along to support her wheelchair-bound friend.

The jury was interested about the participant beauties own personal ideas and their main goals and important details how and what would they start with their regal title.

The winner as an ambassador and wheelchair user will represent the issue of accessibility in the forthcoming year for the period of one year. Aim is to cover a broad range of labor and sports facilities for wheelchair users as well.

At the end of the interviews, the jury assessed the ladies and together made ​​their decision who are the ones to be  the 8 finalists.

Competitors  will be prepared, by using professional beauty industry professionals, between  February, 4 up till March, 8. at the Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel, at Herceghalom. The dress rehearsals, make-up and hairstyles test, choreography and stage performances will be to train.

Last but not least at all!  

At this morning’s interviews arriving competitors were due to various of accidents … cca. 70% of the applicants are in use of wheelchairs of this course and the remaining % because of  other illness backgrounds.  

A large number of accidents can really be and should be avoided … so take care, be safe!


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