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Nothing is more heartwarming than when two country’s culture meet as one to celebrate its past and present.

For those who had the chance to be present at the not so long ago evening gala surely will  remember the lovely melodies and grand artist performers who gave so much delightful enjoyment to the Chinese and Hungarian guests and visitors.  Watching and hearing the awesome piece of art  from the far-far-away country’s traditional culture was simply superb. Most probably,  for the Hungarians viewers, the world of artists was “exotic” just like for the Chinese guests to see the Hungarian artist was “exotic” for them as well.

The Opening at the Gala was in two languages: Chinese and Hungarian


Below is the list of the evening’s artists and the pieces. They can be  also seen in the slide show:

The shooter will retur,  Chinese marching song –  Hungary’s Army Choir.

 打靶归来                                  表演者:国防军男生合唱团

Karádi songs – Army Choir (The famous nineteenth century ethnomusicologist and composer, Mr. Zoltán Kodály Hungarian choral works based on folk tunes).

柯达伊:卡拉迪之歌                表演者:国防军男生合唱团

Verdi: Nabucco (Chorus of Liberty) –  Hungary’s Army Choir.

威尔第:纳布科                                  表演者:国防军男生合唱团

The love of patriotism – Anhui Province drum dancers. Music and dance with the small bells and drums has extraordinary popularity. in to-day’s China. This track was presented at the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is also


Acrobatics: Hand standing tricks – performed by Ma Xiaolu

杂技  倒立技巧                                    表演者:马晓璐

Song of Fengyang – performers: Li Fangfang, Tong Jian and others.

凤阳歌》                                             表演者:李芳芳  童健等

Tolna county style – Bottle dance , Army’s Dance Theater Spectacular performance of Hungarian folk dance, where the girls are dancing with wine bottles on top of their heads.

托尔瑙瓶子舞                          表演者:国防军舞蹈团

Spring rain drops on the willow trees The special willow zither music gives the feeling of the awakening nature, spring rain, sight of the young willow buds. Performed on zither (liuqin) by Zhang Junfeng.

柳琴独奏《春雨滴柳》                        演奏者:张峻峰

Yellow Plum and Dance: Flower-girls – The “Yellow Plum-opera” is on of China’s four types of opera’s. The Anhui Province is one of the famous opera of an honest, young village girls, her beauty and respect. Performers: Zhou Danrong, Zhang Xin and others.

黄梅歌舞《花妞妞》                表演者:周丹荣  张欣等

Acrobatics: Women’s doubles formation paired exercises, balance exercises and rotations of the human body’s natural beauty is expressed. Performers: Zhang Xiaoling, Wang, Rong.

杂技  女子双人造型     表演者:马晓璐  王蓉

Transdanubian dance tunes – Violin Ensemble. The Violin Ensemble, the Zhangjiajie Folk Festival prize winner is well know of its Hungarian folk melodies and sounds, playing. tunes from the classical composers Liszt and Brahms.

多瑙西部歌曲                                      表演者:国防军小提琴组合

Greeting the Bride – Dance. Playing beside the river of  Huai. A popular, funny, comic opera-like, small wedding dance accompanied by the atmosphere of drums and games. Performers: Zheng, Jun, Lu Weiwei and others.

舞蹈《迎新娘》                                  表演者:郑 军  陆为为等

Sizhoui’s song and dance. If you go a thousand or ten thousand miles far away, there will be nowhere as good as by the River of Huai. Performer: Su Jing and others.

泗州歌舞《走千走万好不过淮河两岸》           表演者:苏静等

The phoenix bird dominates among all the birds. The wind pipe having an extraordinary power of expression is one of China’s famous wind instruments. It displays the phoenix force involved with the life pulsating nature. Performer: Sheng Chengcai.

唢呐独奏《百鸟朝凤》            演奏者:盛成才

Dance house from the area of Mezőség. The Army’s Dance Theater performing village dance gatherings, also known as the folk dance house, the dancing mood and behavior. Performer: Mr. Zoltán Zsuráfszky.

埃尔代伊民间舞蹈                               表演者:国防军舞蹈团

Yellow Plum song and dance: The newly married couples are watching the light of the lanterns.Presents the 15th Lunar New Year day of the usual traditions of the people’s harmonious, happy life. Performers: Lu Weiwei, Zhou Danrong and others.

黄梅歌舞《夫妻观灯》                        表演者:陆为为  周丹荣等

Dance: The encouraging winds of Spring. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year the Chinese people express their hopes by singing and dancing to the sound of the beat of the drummers. The desires to the new crop year, as to be rich, blessed, peaceful and to be favored. This spring dance shows the tradition of welcoming the springtime. Performers: Zhang Mengxue, Wei Tingting and others.

舞蹈《鼓舞春风》                               表演者:张梦雪  魏婷婷等

The Chinese choirs in Hungary. Hungary’s choir of Chinese Women Association sang spring related Lunar New Year songs.





Special thanks to Ms. Judit Hajba for passing the Chinese description of the program of events.


 Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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