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MEED – Meeting of European and Central Eastern European Designers

March, 2-4 2012.

Welcome to the forthcoming visitors to the Millennium Park ‘B’ Hall

Price for daily entry ticket to both events,  the  Home Trend and to all the Essential Looks Trend programs:


Open hours: Fri. Sun. 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. 

Sat. 10 a.m. until midnight

Playground open to the kids throughout the 3 days:

10 a.m. until 7 p.m.  

A huge crowed joined the press and media conference at the Millennium’s Restaurant, whereas representatives of the Home Trend Exhibition gave details about the near future’s “Spring”  festival.  See below my update. 

The Made-in-Hungary introduce Hungarian designers and craftsmen works . The two events at the same time, same location. The bond between the “Home Trend and Design”  and “madeinhungary” has over 11 years “happiness” of participating together at these annual exhibitions. They show the finest works of local designers.

Some of the works will represent our country at the 100% Design London exhibition.

For those who are interested where the Hungarian “Home – Art – Design”, the culture, the associated arts with the use of a wide scale of materials like: glass painting, interior furniture, textile designers and goldsmiths stands in 2012.  visitors will surely get a huge overview  of the trend of to-day by visiting the exhibition.

Talking about the goldsmiths stand, the designers will present their latest products by performing a contemporary dance show. There will be an award of the “Jewelry of the year 2012“, by the support of  the Visegrád Fund. The Visegrád Fund, shorten: V4 stands for the  4 countries that are involved in this funding: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.

Can be seen the actual contemporary furniture trends and international design and fashion by strolling through the paths at the Millennium.

The main purpose of these exhibition is to get-together these outstanding art works. Not to mention to provide excellent local designers and artists to represent our industry.

The year 2012 is 15th annually organized festival of the HOME TREND BUDAPEST Essential Looks. These 15 years gone by but didn’t pass without proving the need for this kind of art exhibition.

Within the frame of this exhibition it shows not just the present but the path to the forthcoming trend on the market. The previous years also showed the presence of buyers, but also the laymen visitors were able to gain significant information.

Accidentally or not, this year 2012 and  2,012 young Czech, Polish and Slovak designers will also present, join to be present along with their arts.

Without the need for full sky, here are some events to be a part in it.

Exhibition of the finest works of national and V4 designers debut series of events:

Live fashion show, on the top of the hour.

Photo Exhibition.

“Hair Days” throughout the 3 days  there will be a air-dresser corner, whereas personalized advice and professional quality products will be held introduced by Schwarzkopf professionals.

Designer Store Designer and Show-Room, see the Essential Looks latest collection of designers. During the exhibition, the Designer Store are holding a 20% discount!

“Spring-Summer 2012” shows the color trends of this year.

Many vocational programs.

Last but not least, this year will be for the first time  that Fiat joins the Home Trend Hungary Ltd.

Fiat  came up with a unique idea by placing a Fiat Panda  vehicle on the spot. Then just leave room for everyone to spread their flying imagination by a little change to its exterior look. Anybody can let loose their imagination by”artistic” change to its exterior look. It could be the newly „dressed” Fiat Panda by a yet unknown, later well know Hungarian or who knows, maybe a foreigner passing by that will make the difference to the Fiat Panda’s new look! Also the title should be followed by more specific than ever.

Before the day three ends and the curtain goes down, the jewel of the Year Award given out by the PannonArts will be handed over as the prestigious recognition of the year’s madeinhungary awesome artistic work.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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