They say You need good dogs to find grouse, no… not this time, you can NOW find the blend of the Scottish Grouse Whisky here in Budapest. After 115 years of presence in Scotland, the well know famous blend of the Scotland’s Grouse  has  rolled over to Budapest to show why in Scotland it is considered as the No.1 whisky.

The Grouse whisky got its name from the famous Scotland’s national game bird.

The Grouse bottled whisky symbolize freedom and independence.

Scotland is also well know of the land of plenty when it comes to its Scottish sport venues! A real destination for outstanding sporty experiences, but maybe I am not to far when saying  for those who haven’t yet visited Scotland,  the Scot’s whisky is the most known treasure of  Scotland. That’s not so bad for a start, right?!? So for the Hungarians who may not have had heard previously of  the town called Crieff,  in the Highlands, will come more aware of this brand , the Grouse whisky. It comes from  one of the oldest distillery. Now rolling back from Scotland to Budapest,  this multiple gold medal whisky that has been surely known as the smoky and smooth  booze for the Scottish „professionals”, will be on the shelves at this part of the World as well.


Music had always a strong  bond  to a product. Here is just one to surely remind your of the Grouse Whisky the true reminder for every one of the tasty smooth Highlands of Scotland.

The Grouse whisky is Scotland’s favorite whisky. Loved by everyone, at least that’s what the Scot’s say … so and if a Scotsman says that, you ought to believe him,  he is at home with it.  The future will tell how the Hungarians will take part in the land of tasting and take it as something a bit special.

The Scots are pretty satisfied with their Grouse Whiskey and even though there are more than 200 different blends around in Scotland from which they can choose, they kept on sticking to their beloved taste for over 30 decades. The  blend are crafted from the finest malt whiskies, such as Macallan and married with exceptional grain whiskies for the smoothest possible taste.

Good news for the  Hungarian whisky lovers, ain’t have to fly over to Scotland, you can be your own pilot and go for the whisky in the jar here in Budapest.  Picked up a bottle of the original Grouse whisky at the drink shops here in Budapest and  choose from  one or more of the famous tastes and off you go with it under your arm.  

There are at least four blends of Grouse whiskies: the Famous, the Black, the Snow and the Naked.

 Having too much Naked Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky can easily make YOU Naked!

So be carefully and think twice!

Whether it rains or shines, Monday, Friday, Good Day, Bad Day … for many there’s always an excuse for a little drink, but please be responsible!!!

Also please keep in mind … too much drinks makes you short-sighted .. and you can be in trouble!


Update by Aggie Reiter



News source from Ms. Dorka Borsics (Red Lemon Media)



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