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 Let’s dance! Let’s hear good music! Let’s help the needy! Let’s help Hungary!


To-day in the late afternoon hours, many well-known music performers came to the press conference organized by the Sunhill Media,  at the “Symbol” Entertainment and Cultural Center.   The aim of this gathering was to emphasize the importance to give a helping hand to Hungary.

Many came and many just couldn’t make it, but will be heard at the forthcoming concerts  at Budapest and Győr.

Far and  in the recent years many  benefit concerts were organized in the name of noble purposes: AIDS, Africa, Japan.

In Hungary this will be the first “AID” concert given by Hungarian artists.  At both concerts  there was no question in  the “musicland” business artists to be as one, giving their helping hand by joining voluntarily in performing at the concert  in the fight against the country’s debt. The income from the concert will be transferred to the Uniting Against the State Debt Fund’s account, established by Father Elemér Rédly.

Those who  purchase tickets to the concert will support the fund’s account.

Both  locations in more than a 100 artists will be on stage. These artists are well-known not just because of their age, but being on the road  that colored music lovers lives. Also a bunch of young ones will be present that have had became popular in the latest  years and well-known and loved by the teenies.

Mr. Ádám Neményi,  producer of numerous successful films like:  Made in Hungary and Puskás Hungary is the general manager at both concerts.

The concerts will be recorded and hopefully the public and commercial TV will insert them in their broadcasting schedule.

Don’t be confused, this time the 2012 doesn’t stand for the year, it stands for the ticket price to the concert  2012.-HUF.

Children under the age of 14 can get a free pass  – but if they bring along a modest gift  it will be welcomed  and be sent through the Maltese Charity Service  to the needy.

 See more background info at my previous update of  January, 31.

Once again:

Let’s dance!  Let’s hear good music!  Let’s help the needy!  Let’s help Hungary!


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter


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