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This historic environment at the Buda Castle is unique by itself. We will have to wait for the  re-opening until next year to continue the Pálinka and Sausage Festival in the springtime.

The festival has been running the fifth year with the aim of preserving traditions and had already grown into one of the most important Budapest’s tourist historic attractions in the field of booze and gastronomy offers.

Never-the-less, this Thursday, October, 6 was the last day of our Indian Summer.

Viktor Zubkov ALEXEYVICH, Vladimir Putin, First Deputy Prime Minister to Russia, also as the nation’s guest to the Festival gain some time during his official visit to Budapest to visit  the scene. He was welcomed by Robert MAROS, chief organizer of the event  who assorted him around the scene. He was the first to taste at the opening of the Pálinka and Sausage Festival   Hungary’s national spirit the Pálinka.

Mr Viktor Zubkov ALEXEYVICH, said surprisingly he believes the rich fruit flavour of the Pálinka is tastier and much stronger  than the vodka.

Then came Saturday, 8  and Sunday, 9  when had to be caution to dress accordingly to the suddenly drop of temp but the festival was high and reached for many awaited time for togetherness and enjoyments.

The 4 days festive was to give something for everyone. Different venues and famous groups gave concerts from early evening until  late night. Where ever you glanced away, your eyes met many small wooden booths that turned your feet to stroll along and reach those platforms where the huge selection of pure fruit pálinka awaited to be tasted. These traditional family made distillers brought their pálinka to these booths, where local Hungarians and many tourist couples and groups  enjoyed tasting these  shots.  “Pálinka  Fesztival” signed glasses were given to everyone with the purchase of their ticket at the entrance. This handy “carry-along” pálinka glass made it easy to go to the next booth for another challenge, another palinka test. The festival’s official currency was an  OTP Maestro PayPass card. By the use of these PayPass cards it made  payments simple  and the guest could upload them with the amount of  cash they wish to spend, buying their booze, sausages, vodka  or anything they felt their eyes caught a catch upon.

This year’s pálinka and sausage festival, like in the previous ones takes place every spring and fall with top-notch music on every corner from the entrance along the way to the inside courtyard of the Castle of King Mathew. Everybody could find “their taste of music”: beat, pop, gypsy, reggae, rhythm and blues and so forth.

Beside the pálinka, the booths of sausages were giving  the call by the sence floating around. Who wasn’t enough hungry yet could go for some crunchy-munchy’s.

The Russian Vodka booth wasn’t without anybody standing in the line even for one second.  Also the specialities on the Russian tables were here, i.e. the caviar, the champagne.

Probably,  most awaited artist,  as mentioned a couple of days ago was Igor PRESNYAKOV, the  guest from Russia who came to Budapest just to participate at this Pálinka  – Sausage Festival.  He arrived to Budapest on Thursday, October, 6. Played  two nights  7-8 and left Budapest on Sunday, October, 9. He surely left a great imprint  with his style and talent. A huge crowd gathered to hear, see him playing on his 7-string acoustic guitar. Even though he almost played for two hours, he could hardly leave the stage. The audience cheered him back and Igor satisfied the audience by playing an extra Pink Floyd, Bob Marley song. Excellent musician!   Asked Igor about his impression here at Budapes. Igor told me, this is his first time to visit Budapest. Let alone the short time of his stay, he was able to go and see some major historical places, like the Heroe Square, Margaret Island  and of course this spectacular scene here at the Buda hilly side the Castle of King Mathew and the surroundings.

Asked Igor about  his connection to the guitar. Igor  said “I started playing on a guitar at the age 7.  Always wished to carry on and the guitar to be present throughout my life.  Started with the world of classic music. Studied and graduated at the music conservatoire.” He loves the classic music but the modern pops aren’t too far from him either.  Well, that we all surely could have approved.  Asked Igor when will he return to Budapest? He said: „I would be pleased to come back. It only will take an invitation and I would be happy to be here again”.

Another highlight of the evening was a unique pair  on stage, Ferenc JÁVORI – Leader, organist player of Budapest’s Klezmer Band and  Tamás DUNAI – rated rewarded actor playing Russian pub songs. Their  music was fun to hear how the Russians enjoyed themselves in the old days with these songs sang in the pubs.

Indeed, this was one of the most welcomed festivals of the year.

Hoping you will be here in Budapest  in 2012, to enjoy, to see, to taste these yummies for yourself.

Update and snaps by: Aggie Reiter

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