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Billy Cobham (a/k/a “Boomer”)

This concert was layed  upon Budapest’s one of the biggest grass fields. Yes, the  grass was high, but not for smoking it 🙂

This afternoon Billy and the Morgan’s gave a concert full of Art of Jazz.

Who follows Billy’s career can identify him in the drum department field as the most influential drummers in the world of  jazz. Over the five decades the name Cobham is one of the most recognizable names. His presence was one of the reasons that a huge  crowd gathered and was interested to see and hear him personally behind his drums.

After the concert spent a few moments to talk with him.

AR: As a very young boy you hanged around with your cousins who prepared percussion instruments. Actually they drawn your attention to the drums, right? Did any of your cousins joined the music business, went into  playing in a group?

BC: Yes, they did –   that’s when my love for the drums started. No, aren’t playing in a band, they just stood beside their love of making  alsort of different kind of percussion instruments.

AR: This was a superb concert with many fields of music,  fusion jazz, improvisional music. Do you have any plans  for the future to go in studio to record with the Morgan’s?

BC: At the moment not that I am aware of doing it, because I am extremely busy on tours and teaching  but anything can happen.

AR: Maybe your manager can find the time for it?

BC:  No, I don’t think so, cause I am my own manager … smiling

AR: In Hungary there is an annual Castle Jazz Festival at the City Gyula. Haven’t seen you there this year. Earlier, I heard you participated at the festival and also you taught drums  there.

BC:.  G Y U L A  (Billy spelled  and pronounced the city’s name with a perfect Hungarian accent) I know that city well. Yes, last September, I was there, it was a frantic jazz sensation playing with all those great musicians on one stage. This year I wasn’t on the list for call.  Earlier, I was down their teaching drums. Looking forward to an invitation for the year 2012 to the Gyula’s Castle Jazz Festival.

AR: You just arrived for the gig. Do you have time to do a bit of a sightseeing, wonder around here in Budapest? There is on top of the hilly side of Budapest,  the  Buda area  at the King’s Castle  the Fall’s Wine Festival with „flowing pleasure”. Do you plan on getting there to taste some Hungarian wines and have a glance at the great landscape of Budapest?

BC: Yes, this time is a short stay, have many obligations. Concerning the Wine Festival, tasted some lovely smooth Hungarian wines already and seen some shows up there.

AR: It was a pleasure being here to-day, enjoyed every minute of it. Also the gathered crowd was taken into the mood and enjoyed this more than an hour of good music. Hoping to see you next year, if not before at the Gyula’s Festival.

BC: I will surely note the dates and  try to make it,  if they call me.

AR: See you next year at the Jazz Festival arranged at the City of GYULA

To show a bit of the gig, here are some snaps taken at the concert.

Update and snaps by: Aggie Reiter

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    Interesting interview with Boomer….Thank You

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