SEPTEMBER, 14-18. 2011.

The brilliant  idea of organizing the National Galopp  popped out of  Peter Geszti’s mind in 2008. The idea was to arrange  a festival that joints many culture events, but the main aim was to hold a gathering to introduce the historical, traditional equestrians. The past annual festival’s days were full of entertainment: paroxysm of incredible cavalrymen, spectacular horse rider’s parade, but the main goal was to have a horse race with well-known folks from veriest  fields.  Also brought together a range of nationwide country areas horse riders to show their local traditional horse shows. Before and after the race, throughout the days many concerts took place, that were all free of charge.

From the beginning, naturally, a high number of sponsors  stood by, supported this huge show of without whom it couldn’t have been brought under the umbrella. So far, this is just a brief information of the background of what’s to come at September 14-18 , which is just around the corner.

This year will be the  4th year of the National Galopp, that has made it’s way to be now as a traditional festival. There will be a  slight change in the dates compared to the previous years. It will be held between September, 14-18. This year not only the  horse riders, but the horse drivers will also have the chance to  measure their abilities.

Tomorrow, 6/9/2011. Tuesday, noon will be the first time in the history of  the National Galopp  that will cover main routes  in Budapest. Starting at  the Hero Square along the Andrassy Blvd. up to the hilly side of Buda to the Kapisztrán Square, whereas the flag ceremony will take place. The draw will be held in the „Marble Hall” at the Institute of  the Military History.  The National Galopp draw will be covered by charity round  winners,  well-known famous drivers, trolley pushers. The afternoon will be surely a delicate pageantry scene for those who wish to see the horse riders dressed up in way back era’s traditional  Hungarian uniforms and outfits.

During the festival there will be an ongoing service of the „National Kitchen”, Palinka-town, Wine-town and many  interesting scenes to keep the visitors eyes wide open.


Follow-ups to be continued…


Update by: Aggie Reiter

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