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The 2013 year’s “Winemaker of the Year Award” winner was  Mrs. Gálné Eve Dignisz, with her wine from Szigetcsép at the Kunság region.

At  the ceremony of this year’s  “2013 Best Winemaker” was held on Friday in Budapest,  by the  Hungarian Wine Academy introducing the top five nominated wine makers: Mrs. Gálné Éva (Eve) Dignisz from Kunság, János Bolyki from Eger, Tamás Borbély from Badacsony, Tamás Dúzsi from Szekszárd and Zoltán Heimann from Szekszárd.

János Frittmann, the vice president of the Hungarian Wine Academy welcomed the press and media representatives by saying, Quote: Whoever wins the award titled 2013 Year’s Best Wine, will not only be him or herself only the winner, but will represent the entire field of professional winemaker. Although being nominated is already a major honor. The award primarily stands for a matter of professional work, in connection with other factors, i.e. the human attitudes and awareness which were also been taken into account.

Zoltán Zilai, general secretary of the Hungarian Wine Academy, went back to the year 1991 recalling the times whereas the most prestigious national recognition of the winemaker was founded on the Order of Judges Wine Week, and the year 1995 when the care of the academy took place.

The were two round to go in voting, the second decisive round out of 160 voters, 119 votes were signed, seal and delivered back to the wine academy. Éva (Eve) received the highest number of votes from regions of wine makers. It has been almost two decades since a lady winemaker achieved this remarkable award.  Mrs. Gálné Éva (Eve) Dignisz from the region of Kunság was elected to be the winner of 2013.  The outstanding award is in the frame of the most prestigious national honors to Hungarian winemakers.The year 2013 had been seen as an outstanding interest to be in the competition. In figures it had nearly 20 thousand calls sent out for nominations and the recorded entires hit the record number of arriving nominations. Eva Gálné Dignisz was touched and delighted hearing the announcement of the results, and as she said: it is just about 13 years of her existence, but being in  the wineville  as an occupation began much earlier with her husband, Csaba Gal (A.K.A. a remarkable wine specialist). Eve and her husband have had been building at the 76 hectares their own wine business for over 13 years. Eve also mentioned, they are mostly known for their Rosé wine from Szigetcsép and with these Rosé wines they have had  been in the world as repeatedly winning the gold medals at the international tournament since the early years in the Cannes competition.

The award stood for the reasoning of measuring  by international standards as: despite the excellent, juicy, superbly simple, casual, affordable wines and although the territory of Kunság has its own challenges received the well deserved award for meaningful, reason of the significant number of sold bottles of the brand.

Some outside facts about the wine industry in Hungary … Learnt from the Ministry for Rural Development: „The largest and most renowned wineries alike have recognized that the EU project funding, present a major potential for the industry. The wine received eight EU funds to support land-based payments, ranging from the plantation conversion and to-and-from purchasing of machinery and reconstruction of basement. The twenty most profitable winery has won a total of 5.8 billion HUF this year, ending a seven-year programing cycle.”

At the end of the presentation and the award ceremony the media people were invited to taste the 5 nominated wines,  which were in the competition  brought to the awarding event. Congrats to  all the wine makers of the year 2013.

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