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At a cool fall season,  on October, 30 participated upon a special invitation at the Szilvia Kárászy Salon evening, where  she opened her travel diary on the page to her  first trip to China, whereas she was participating at the China Music program in Shanghai. Szilvia was our storyteller on that evening. Took us on a journey with music inspired by the chinese music, the Bell Game, the Fazioli pianos role in today’s China, her experiences as a Hungarian in China and the yummy local chinese food, which is far from the taste that is brought  here to the Hungarians. Beside her being an artistic individual she showed  her fingers are not  just for art in piano playing but a new side of her’s with an exhibition by showing her own creation  of the Great Wall of Chine in her apartment. The white-painted walls with the white chinese signs was definitely filled with eye-catching atmosphere and emotions.  You just couldn’t get your eyes off the awesome signs within the wall creations. Szilvia played Chinese piano music which indeed fully inspired our vision connected to the exhibition. The guests were invited to taste the Chinese snacks and refreshing drinks which she herself prepared by memory brought back home from China. Szilvia’s works are meditative and sensitive.  The salon is a small place in our rushing life to stop by, meet long non-seen friends, get together, opening to new friendship, also to enjoy superb piano music and visual art from the past and present aligned all in one place.

Deeply would advise all those folks to hit the road, as to not miss the experience of the Great Wall of Chine in the presence at Szilvia’s exhibition, cause they will feel as close to the wall that even  will smell  the green grass  at the venue.

The  exhibition of the Great Wall of China can be visited by appointment until Saturday, November, 30.

About the Kárászy Salon … The apartment was the place where she grew up. After her parents gone ahead the salon went through a huge renovation. Szilvia conjure to pull back to its original condition of the place, which was easy, cause there was so much left in good shape from the old days. Kept  the old brass knob, doors and windows.  The Salon holds monthly events, especially in concerts and by inviting musicians, actors, painters, artist and so forth. She hold these gatherings in Hungarian language, but when foreigners arrive ain’t no problem in understanding what’s going on, because she continues to entertain, speak to the audience in English language.

For reservation to the forthcoming concerts  may be taken through Zsuzsanna Glósz at +36 30 650 5313  or shot an email to Due to the limited capacity in space, audience willing to participate, indicate ASAP. The entrance fee is 3000HUF.

Address: District XIII., 36. Pozsonyi Road – 4th floor/door number 2.  At the main entrance gate  the number 20 stands for the extrans doorbell call.

Here is Szilvia Kárászy’s web site … Yet for the time being the web page is under construction, only Hungarian information can be seen.

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