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Before continuing  the Day2  to the Hungarian and International (Transylvannia) Media Study Tour in Gyula wish to share a few words about the City itself … The city of Gyula lay in Békés county, located at the south-eastern area close to the Hungarian-Romanian border. The city’s inhabitants of to-day are Hungarian, Swabian, Romanian, Croatian citizens. Gyula is a city of multi-religion, where the inhabitants always lived together in harmony. The City’s major symbol is the gothic brick-masonry fortress which in Central-Europe remained intact. Over the past years the city of Gyula has been enriched with new streets and square pavements, fountains, garden seats and street lamps  and renewed the old  gas lights. Recently the downtown capture the eye of the most beautiful World Clock and especially after dark it looks like an out-of-space globe shinning in blue color and more to it he foreigners may have a glance on the local time of the family and friends who they have left at home.

Visiting Gyula, indeed you would love the place and the most important things are at the palm of your hands…  to rest, calm and refresh you body is the place to be. Fittings places  to rest at hotels, motels, guesthouse after a great sightseeing tour on the little city train or rolling on the River „Fekete” Black Körös. On the River Körös  to join a floating sightseeing cruise, is just  a matter of time.

As a matter of fact, now-a-days visiting Gyula is not just for a one-time occasion on weekdays or during the  week-ends to hop over to the land of entertainment,  to visit  the programs at the Gyula Castle Theater and All-Art festival during this time of the year.

After having our brekkie we were taken  on a wonderful “Rolling in Gyula” sightseeing train tour:

Passing by on the city’s train along by the renovated(starting:1960) fortress, whereas within its walls the Castle Theater started its operation. Since 2005 significant changes were carried out and opened the new Renaissance Castle Museum. Visitors can go through the history of six centuries in 24 exhibition rooms.

As passing by the Baroque style of the Ladics-House, where one time middle-class cream of the county lived in the 19th century. Didn’t stop by, but were told family relics and properties were collected through five generations and out on display at the museum. From 1979 it holds a gallery inside of the life-work of the Kossuth-prize winner painter-artist György Kohán.

Continuing our ride on the corner of the Ladics_House can be viewed, as mentioned in the Day1  tour, the “Százéves” Hundred Years Old pastry shop.

Our city train also passed by the Erkel Ferenc Memorial House. He was the founding father of the Hungarian National Grand Opera in Budapest and also who set the Hungarian national anthem to music. Ferenc Erkel’s house has plentiful material and piece of document  and several relics. Heard that the artist was also an awesome chess player, which in fact kept his name in the memorial chess competition organised every year in Gyula.

At the  downtown neighbourhood the spectacular fountain and the surrounding restaruants with the local dishes, wines and pálinka will please their stay at Gyula. A splendid place for pleasure and culture all in one, not just for the Hungarians taste but the foreigners to be the winners to choose to visit Gyula.

In addition beside to the famous Castle Bath of Gyula,  the Castle Theater many more  unique locations have the brand of Gyula, as the famous sausages and salami plant from Gyula, which is in the top three meat combinate in Hungary. All meat are processed, produced from the animals from the region.

At the end of our sightseeing tour we headed to the Town Hall, whereas representatives of the Town Hall and Castle Theater held a conference in celebration of 50 years of the Castle Theater performances and presented to the invited theater members, and joint members from the pass up till to-day a memorial album. Following the reception at the Town Hall, the members of media  headed the road to attend on a ship cruise on the River Körös  … the River White and Black Körös  join as one just beside the city and is the country’s cleanest rivers among all the rivers in Hungary … our ship led us  to a place called „Szanazug”,a well-known surroundings by the local to spend time throughout the week at the beach, camping, fishing, having fun, enjoying water sports. Getting off the boat, came the adventure, climbing small hills, strolling down to vallies, finally reached the local pub, whereas the cool drinks were very handy and respected. After our little rest walk by the river to our boat and our cruise took us back to the port at Gyula. The 4stars Erkel Hotel awaited their guests for supper with mouth-watering dishes. After eight o’clock the beginning of 50th season’s gala night took place at the Pond Stage and auditorium next to the Castle Theater, which has more than 500 seats and they were all „occupied”. Even outside of the auditorium many-many folks gathered to hear and some had a chance to see  from aside the Gala.  The gala was opened by the director of the theater, announcing the evening’s and the forthcoming programs to be held during the 5weeks  festival.

Another video taken at the Gala of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble Dancers,  performing  five dancing bachelors. Title of their dance: “The Kalotaszegi” Mates”:

More than 30 actors, artists, dancers, singers, musicians were present in someway or another bringing back and sharing their personal memories, performances during the past 50 years at the Gyula Castle Theater.

Recalling your memories will always ring the bell of spending an awesome time at the City of Gyula and pretty sure once you visited Gyula you will go back to enjoy, relax during your stay and watch the world goes by!

All thing my past, especially the good time run in speed and during the  next morning hours the locals and international media partners have had to have a farewell to  Gyula.

Thanks goes out to all  the local organisers who paid a major part in organizing this unforgettable study tour.

To see previous herald news with schedule programs  to be held during the 50th Gyula Caslte Theater and All-Art Festival click here:

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