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Results to the Value and Quality Grand Prize Contest – Budapest – 2022.


The Value and Quality Grand Prize Tender was announced for the fifth time in 2022 and was presented in a ceremonial setting on September, 8 at the Parliament. As a result of the rigorous five-round evaluation, this year in level competitions announced in more than 100 topics, and 41 applications from 34 applicants for trademark in use and awards received the Value and Quality Grand Prize Certification Trademark.
The largest group of applicants can be linked to agriculture; the past period has pointed out the unquestionable importance of agriculture and the food industry, which has proven even during the crisis that it is capable of supplying the entire country. Second place was taken by the main group of IT programs, systems, and products, devices and services that help human health and safety. This was followed by clothing and accessories and energy-efficient building products. Among this year’s tenders, the tender awarded in the cultural theme became a real novelty. Answer was given to the problem of how to remain visible as a performing artist, overcome the difficulties of the past period, and even gain further recognition. The other main groups received 1 application each.

Summary: Aggie Reiter