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Get ready film fans, relax have a seat enjoy a week ahead and explore the diversity of contemporary Israeli cinema of to-day!

Nine films will be on-screen and eight of them is on the premiere list in Hungary.

November, 21 – 27. 2013.

Will be screening during the festival at four art cinemas in Budapest: Puskin (District V., 18. Kossuth Lajos Street.  Phone: +36-1-459-5050) artist, Toldi (District V., Bajcsy Zsilinszky Rd. and Corvin Film Palace (District VIII. 1., Corvin public-square phone: +36-1-459-5050), Művész (District, VI., 30. Teréz Blvd., phone: +36- 1-459-5050)

The aim of the Israeli film week is to provide a diverse picture through the movies of the Jewish community, the Israeli society which prehaps of to-day is less known for many individuals. Within the occasion of the Israeli film week, the audience will have a chance to view award-winning and Oscar nominated, classic, drama and comedy films.

The complete list of films in brief detailed information are just a fingertips away… 

The Israeli Film Week Startoff with „Playoff”!

Puskin Cinema: Thursday, November, 21., 6.30 p.mGerman, French, Israeli film drama,107’ (2011). Director: Eran Riklis. Staring: Danny Huston  (Max Stoller), Amira Casar (Deniz), Mark Waschke  (Axel), Max Riemelt  (Thomas), Hanns Zischler (Franz), Selen Savas (Sema), Smadi Wolfman (Ronit). The “Playoff”, tells a story of Max Stoller. The legendary Israeli basketball coach and became a national hero in the late seventies playing basketball within the Maccabees  at Tel Aviv . The team fed to the finals in the Eurolog. This was Israel’s first major international sporty success. Also screening the movie “Playoff”  also  at the Puskin Cinema on Sunday, November, 24., 8.30 p.m.  and  on Tuesday, November, 26., 7 p.m. at the Művész Cinema

Puskin Cinema: Thursday, November, 21., 8.30 p.m.Orhim le-rega”  … Quite a pious lies … Orhid off-Rega … Israeli-French film drama, 86’ (2011). Director: Maya Kenig. Staring: Gur Bentwich (Shaul), Elya Inbar (Libi), Tzahi Grad (Gideon), Arad Yeni  (Yuval), Salit Achimiriam (Helit). Movie in brief: Libby has been living separately from her father, the introverted, but sharp-witted adolescent girl. Her arrival coincides with the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War. Libby soon discovers that her father, Shaul, childlike eccentric, and that “lives between two homes” … i.e. homelessness.  Northern Israel bombed issued by refugees from themselves and a wealthy Jerusalem family to adopt them as well.” Also screening  „Orhim le-rega”  at the Puskin Cinema, November 25., 6.30 p.m.

Puskin Cinema: Friday, November, 22., 6.30 p.m. „Moja Australia” … My Australia … Polish drama, 97’ (2011). Director: Ami Drozd. Staring: Gabriel Levin, David Mizrachi, Ihor Obloza, Aleksandra Poplawska, Marcin Tyrol.  Story in brief: Poland in the mid 60s. Impoverished town struggling family. The Polish husband divorced mother spends almost all his time working so that they can provide the basic needs for the children of twelve and fifteen years old. The guys have a strong-minded neo-Nazi gang to join. One day, this band march in a Jewish district, causing damage to the venue, and more young people stab and then the police arrest them. The incident was a result of their mother decides to tell him the truth, that he is a Jew who survived the Holocaust, and the Catholic faith raised them properly. She tells them to migrate to Australia, but in reality moving to Israel.The film goes on with original Hebrew and subtitled in Hungarian language. Also screening „Moja Australia” on Monday, November 25. 7 p.m. at the Művész Cinema.

Puskin Cinema: Friday, November, 22., 8.30 p.m. „Boker tov adon Fidelman” Restoration … Israeli film drama, 102’ (2011). Director: Yossi Madmoni. Staring: Henry David, Sarah Adler, Sasson Gabai (Mr.Fidelman), Nevo Kimchi, Stephen D. Root. Also screening „Boker tov adon Fidelman” at the Puskin Cinema on Sunday, November. 24. 6.30 p.m. and on Wednesday, November, 27., 8 the Toldi Cinema.

Toldi Cinema: Friday, November, 22., 8 p.m. „Hearat Shulayi” Footnote …  Izraeli film drama, Director: Joseph Cedar.  Staring: Lior Ashkenazi  (Uriel Shkolnik), Shlomo Bar-Aba  (Eliezer Shkolnik), Aliza Rosen (Yehudit),  Alma Zack (Dikla Shkolnik), Yuval Scharf  (Noa, a reporter),Albert Iluz  (Dvir Oded),  Micah Lewensohn  (Grossman). Syncronized into Hungarian language, 103’ (2011).  Also screening „Hearat Shulayi” at the Corvin Film Palace, Sunday, November,24., 8 p.m. In 2011 at the Cannes Film Festival Joseph Cedar. as the Best Screenplay received the Golden Palm nomination and also was nominated for the Academy Award to the Best Foreign Language Film.

Puskin Cinema: Saturday, November, 23. 6.30 p.m. and Tuesday, November, 26., 8.30 p.m.My Lovely Sister”,  … Israeli Film drama, 91’ (2011) . Director: Marco Carmel. Staring: Reymond Amsalem (Mary), Itay Turgeman (Kobi), Moshe Ivgy (Robert), Norman Issa (Ali), Evelin Hagoel (Rahma). The film in brief is based on a modern Moroccan Jewish legend, and takes place in Israel today. Triple love story is between the simple superstitious Rahma, abusive husband, Robert, and sister Rahma beautiful, the spirit of Mary. Mary’s grief caused the exile died after from the heart of an Arab man’s fate tied together.Also screeningMy Lovely Sister” at the Puskin Cinema Tuesday, November, 26. 8.30 p.m.

Művész Cinema: Saturday, November, 23., 7 p.m. „Yamim Kfuim”Frost days,  Israeli thriller, 90’ (2005). Director: Danny Lerner. Staring: Anat Klausner (Meow), Pini Tavger (Alex Kaplan), Sandra Sade (Neighbor), Uli Sternberg (Nahman), Maor Cohen (The partygoers). In brief: „A lonely young woman survives a suicide bombing and assumes the identity of one of its victims. As she moves into his apartment her grip on reality starts to crack.”  Also screening „Yamim Kfuim”Frost days at the Puskin Cinema on Monday, November, 25., at 8.30 p.m.

Corvin Film Palace : Saturday, November, 23. 8 p.m. „Haolam Mats’hik”  … Funny World … Israeli film drama, 122’ (2012). Director: Shemi Zarhin. Staring: Assi Levy (Yardena, Eli Finish (Golan), Danny Steg (Meron), Naama Shitrit (Tsephi), Or Ben-Melech (Hilick), Moshe Ashkenazi (Nesi), Ola Schur Selektar (Natasha), Yehezkel Lazarov (Roni). The story is about a boy’s secret of the past which emerges after eight years. Meanwhile, working in a travel agency Jordana know you are pregnant, although it was not the business man for many years. At the same time the radio host Golan decides to revive Israeli group of comedians, the HaGashash HaHivert to save her love. The list of participants and also a number of other figures in the public library located in Tiberias involved in academic writing. Comedy, a family, a city and a world history weaves together destiny.Also screening Haolam Mats’hik” … Funny World at the Puskin Cinema on Tuesday, November, 26., at 6.30 p.m.

Puskin Cinema: Saturday, November, 23., 8.30 p.m. „Lemale et ha’halal”  Fill the void … Israeli drama, 90’ (2012). Director: Yigal Bursztyn. Staring: Hadas Yaron (Shira Mendelman), Hila Feldman, Razia Israeli, Yiftach Klein (Yohai Mendelman), Renana Raz (Esther Mendelman) ,Ido Samuel (Yossi Mendelman), Chayim Sharir. Tells the story of a Tel Aviv orthodox Hasidic family, the eighteen-year-old Shira Mendelman the family’s youngest daughter. She is looking forward to a promising future, with the same background as the same age young man ready to go to a dream come true event, but Purim Shira’s twenty-eight-year-old sister, Esther’s giving a birth to her first child, Mordechay die during labor. The family planned Shira’s wedding postponed due to great pain and grief. The film will be also screening at the Művész Cinema on Sunday, November, 24., 7 p.m. Awards and nominations: Venice International Film Festival (2012) – Best Actress: Hadas Yaron. Venice International Film Festival (2012) – Golden Lion nomination: Rama Burshtein.

All the film’s original Hebrew, some goes on with subtitled in English and Hungarian language and also with synchronized Hebrew. Better to check in advance which.

Tickets are available at the a/m cinema place’s ticket box.

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olasz-filmhet-950x100_1 (1) PUSKIN

XI. Central European Film Festival – Italy


at the Puskin Cinema – Budapest

5-14. November, 2013. 

The Italian Cultural Institute, the Istituto Luce Cinecittà and the Puskin Cinema in partnership by now will be  holding the XI. th Film Festival in Budapest. Once again the festival shows the actors,  directors and new talents where the contemporary Italian filmmaking stands by showing example panoramic view of to-day’s film industrial.

The MittelCinemaFest obviously contributes to a clear increase in the number of Italian films marketed in Hungary. In the year 2013. fourteen Italian films were screened in Hungary and many of those which have also featured within festival programs in recent years.

The opening pictures at the MittelCinemaFest 2013 will be: The Great Beauty, directed by Paolo Sorrentino,  which was in competition at Cannes among others movies. At the event will be present Anita Kravos, one of the actress in the movie. Within the festival’s program an outstanding portrait movie will be shown of Federico Fellini, titled: How odd my Name is Federico  shoted  by his colleague and friend, director Ettore Scola. Well-known directors, as  Giorgio Diritto and Paolo Virzi latest productions will be screened as well, titled: One day you have to go, and the Every single day.  Further pictures to be seen at the festival also  will be the Itaker – director Toni Trupial, who will personally  be present on the screening day at the Puskin Cinema.  On with the list of pictures to be on-screen will be: I travel alone director Maria Sole Tognazzi.  Good morning, Father!  – director Edoardo Leo will be the guest at the projection. Pinocchio – director Enzo D’Alò. Bellas Mariposas – director Salvatore Mereu. Rope Dancers – director Ivano De Matteo. Long live freedom!  director Roberto Andò.

In addition with the upcoming  pictures, this year will also be screening short films from the selection of the Riff 2013 (Rome Independent Film Festival) and Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2013.

The Italian films will be in Hungarian simultaneous interpretation or subtitled in Hungarian language. The detailed program can be found at the Italian Cultural Institute and the Puskin Cinema.

So … Italians working, living in Budapest … Go For It – Make Your Day, watch the movies in your mother tongue language. Also an “A” for practising the Italian language not just for the Hungarians, but at all stage for those in communicating in Italian language.

Tickets can be purchased at the  Italian Cultural Institute – District VIII., 8. Bródy Str. Budapest and/or on the spot at the Puskin Cinema –  District, V., 18. Kossuth Lajos Str. Budapest.

More information after the press hearing.

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In just a couple of days to come  the 20th jubilee of  the TITANIC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL opens its door to the movie lovers.

The TITANIC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL operates as a Competition Festival since 2005.

Titanic’s  goal is to give an overall selection of the best contemporary films. This year 60 films will be presented of famous and first-film directors and will also show fascinating films of  less-known regions  as well. 

Between April, 5-13. 2013.

Mr. György Horváth  Titanic Festival – Director,  Mr. Balázs Vizer, program coordinator –  Titanic and invited  H.E. Kevin Dowling  Irish ambassador  to Hungary,  Michal Cerny – Czech Center Director and  Petr Kovarik – Borsodi  Brewery – Managing Director held a press  gathering  to  introduce the forthcoming  9 days  of spectacular films  screened at 5 different  picture palace:  Uránia, Örökmozgó, Toldi, on the A38 ship and for the first time this year at the Puskin cinema. The Irish ambassador honored by his presence and expressed his pleasure to wave the flag and talk about the Irish section a with wide scale of representing  Irish films under the name Emerald Island.

The selection of contemporary Czech movies will be also highlighted  by the presence of the world-famous Czech director Jiři Menzel, who will be the Head of jury. Also sophisticated members will be in  jury’s seat:  Mr. Morgan Bushe, Irish producer (Nothing personal) and Hungarian director, Mr. Szabolcs Hajdu (White Palm,, bibliotheque Pascal).The Staropramen beer  will not be running in the Titanic competition, earned its name already, but will be present to comfort the audience, to enjoy the fine Czech beer throughout the festival, brought by Borsodi  Brewery said Mr. Petr Kovarik.

Another unique option for the movie lovers will be watching the films rolling by with presence of the actual  filmmakers.

Tickets will be out, available at all  picture places  between

March, 28. – April,4.  on discount price  for 900 HUF.

April, 5 -13 the tickets cost 1100 HUF. You can catch up with the detailed program of the festival at the website.


During the 9 days at the Titanic Festival, an overall of 74 films including Hungarian-related features and international premiers will be screened. The two flagships of this year will be the Irish-section presented by Emerald Island corresponding with the Irish EU presidency in 2013. The section will bring throughout 109 minutes featuring six film in the row of 10 outstanding short films and animations as well.  

It includes a horror-comedy staring a sea-monster, a horror from the world of blocks-of-flats, a social drama, a documentary film on the life of the legendary Belfast punk-rock rebel, Terri Holey in „Good Vibrations” by Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn. This film was the opening screened this year at Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Tells the story of the legendary, radical Belfast punk-rock rebel, Terri Holey, of the bloody conflict known as the Troubles shuts down his city and all his friends take sides and take up arms, Terri opens a record shop on the most bombed half-mile in Europe and calls it ‘Good Vibrations’. Through it, he discovers a compelling voice of resistance in the city’s nascent underground punk scene and becomes the unlikely leader of a motley band of kids and punks who join him in his mission to create a new community, an alternative Ulster, to bring his city back to life.The audience can also view „Róisín Murphy” from the Moloko band, a horror-comedy staring a sea-monster,  a horror from the world of blocks-of-flats, a social drama. Lenny Abrahamson’s  „What Richard Did”  will run in competition. It tells the fateful story of a gifted and gilded Dublin teenager whose bright future is compromised after a senseless act of violence. There will be 4 further films running in Emerald IslandIn the hilarious horror-comedy, „Grabbersa film by Jon Wright – one day a bizarre sea creature appears on the shore of a small Irish island. It has long tentacles, sharp teeth, and intentions that could not be called friendly. But they have picked the wrong spot to work their evil plans. It may take a lot to rile these Irish islanders but no one is going to mess with their pub! Festival-favourite „Citadel”, directed by Ciarán Foy is a horror too, but with a much darker shade: Tommy Cowley is a man inflicted with chronic since the day his wife was attacked and he was unable to protect her. Living in a council estate from hell, he finds himself terrorized by a gang of twisted feral children, who are intent on taking his baby daughter.  „Keys To The City” is the first film of directors Christopher Brennan, Mel Cannon and Laura Way. In this drama three separate stories meet. Eoin is a businessman who can no longer pay the bills or the mortgage, Paul is a landlord with the banks breathing down his neck and Monika is a Polish cleaner whose minimum wage job is under threat. All three are struggling for survival and forced to increasingly desperate actions in the hope of keeping their lives and families together. A documentary, „Knuckle” is also included in Emerald Island, It is an epic 12-year journey into the brutal and secretive world of an Irish Traveller community.  

The Czech Republic comes along with a selection of  five contemporary Czech movies. A multi-award-winning film noir, a first film about sexual awakening, a road movie, an absurd black comedy and a war drama about the Nazi massacre of Lidice.  At least 2 thumbs up to the Czech Republic :1st. to jointly organize with the Hungarian organizers to have the Head of jury’s seat taken by the world-famous Czech Director Jiři Menzel Then the 2nd. thumbs high for the presence and supporter of the well-known Staropramen beer  snacks. Info for those who are thirsty right now … pardon me I can’t be of help for them right now, but need no worry for those who are on the spot at the Uránia Cinema during the festival’s films, so who wants a “Korsó” Hungarian mug of beer may have it, cause after the movie will  get one for free by simply showing their movie tickets. There will be severing alcohol and non-alcohol Staropramen beer.

Another unique option for th e movie lovers will be watching the films roll by with the actual  filmmakers..

The few words about the other international films: the opening film comes along by Paul Thomas  – „Anderson’s The Master”  that shows the unique relationship of a frustrated ex-marine (Joaquin Phoenix) and a charismatic religious leader (Philip Seymour Hoffman). The popular Nordic Lights brings six movies „Living In America” shows five independent films. The Dark Side presents nine films, The Music for All gives a selection of the latest festival-favourite documentaries and films related to music. This year’s event brings a new section, The Bright Side that contains six hilarious comedies. The festival proudly presents three international premiers as well: the Dutch Ricky Rijneke’s first feature, „Silent Ones” staring Hungarian Ms. Orsi Tóth and Mr.Roland RábaHow to Follow Strangers” directed by Chioke Nassor and Last Kind Words” from Kevin Barker will debut in Budapest on Titanic. There will be 10 films this year competing for the Breaking Waves Award. French Alyah” staring Pio Marmai  the film of Ukranian Eva Neymann, House with a Turret”, Cate Shortland’s movie, Australia’s Oscar-nominee in 2013Lore”, by Dutch Ricky Rijneke’s first feature, Silent Ones”, the first film of Hungarian Mr. Mátyás Prikler living in Slovakia, Fine, Thanks”, the second movie of Hungarian Ms. Mira Fornay, also from Slovakia, My Dog, Killer”, American Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color, 8 Bal” of Finnish Aku Louhimies, the war-movie, In the Fog” from Sergei Loznitsa and Irish Lenny Abrahamson’s What Richard Did”  were selected.

I bet by rolling down here at the end of my herald  news  have already found their film to watch. Now the next step is to grab your tickets to make sure you have your seat.

Update and snaps by  Aggie Reiter