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After to-day’s airing the A.M. hours at the HQ’s of NEO FM Radio, the 3 radio show presenters: Mr. Lajos (Lali) Boros, Mr. Gábor Bochkor, Mr. János Voga and Mr. Ádám Földes, Director of Neo FM Radio arrived to make their Press announcement.

For the past two decades, Lali had a burning passion to make good radio and get a real buzz out of it. Now came the time when he became serious about his future, saying: “I already stepping towards my third 25 years of age. Going to take it easy and smooth in recharging myself and when I’ll reach  my fourth quarter of the coming next 25 years I will be coming back, full of energy with fresh ideas to the NEO FM or whatever it will be called.” So he decided now is the time for him to catapult from his early morning wake-ups that warn him out and throughout the years was like nightmares to get up so early. Going to have time to deal around in my brand new level, which ain’t so new at all. It is his longtime dream, as to do some art paints. He will be also enjoying staying in bed until the sun gets much higher.

Lali, has been a radio presenter for over 20 years getting up early or ain’t even going to bed, because he has been broadcasting day-in-day-out getting up during the twilight hours.

Lali won’t be going far!

He will stay as a background supporter and be handy to share this knowledge with those newcomer/s who will be selected to take his seat and mike. So well said, as we all know that it is obvious for an Olympic Athlete to have a coach or mentor to help them develop their skills. They encourage, motivate and above all, they inspire the Athlete to be “at the top of the game”.

Throughout the years, Lali and his buddies were on-air, listened in Hungary and by those Hungarians who are spread around the world.

They really gave happy hours to the early listeners in those A.M.hours. Gave lots of laughter by picking up ridiculous stories and answering radio listener’s reactions from the homeland and from the wide-wide spread of International listeners, of course the second part, couldn’t have had happen without the radio bands blast into the world of Internet.

Lali, had an extensive time with the other two presenters even when from time-to-time they had thumbs-down from authorities or had to move from one station to another. He also admitted it was a rewarding and an enjoyable career. Who wouldn’t love opening the microphone and talking knowing that people are listening and reacting to what you’re saying!?!

For most people it’s a dream job. Yes, he was one of those people! Worked at the sharp end of broadcasting now for two decades and in that time he picked up many of the hints, tricks and tips. After all, you don’t stay working in radio for over 20 years if your listening figures are poor, right!?! Lali told us, he never stopped bumping in, picking up some incredible ideas and sharing, tickling up with the new ideas Gábor’s nerves, but after all they were mainly well served at the end.

Of course there are more stories Lali can tell than the bricks on the yellow brick road and maybe one day he will lay them down on paper.

Mr.Adam Foldes, Director of Neo FM Radio thanked Lali’s part who was a grand partner to establish the commercial broadcasting at the A.M. show. At the end of this announcement Mr. Adam Földes gave a golden color boomerang to express the radio’s thanks for the jolly good years spent together.

Mr. Lajos (Lali) Boros and Mr. Gábor Bochkor had built up a type of “on-air” A.M. show here in Hungary they wouldn’t have believed it would survive for “ages”, yet it did and in many parts of the world other presenters were a bit surprised what’s the secret in their success … how have they done it and still do it.

Throughout the 20 years the radio stations names changed at first:  Sláger “Hits” Radio, then came the Bumeráng “Boomerang” Radio and at present its the NEO FM Radio. Names come-and-go, but the three radio presenters stood all the way together. Now the 20 years link of this chain will get loose and a grand historical period with the three won’t be on the air no more 😦

I have got one hint to their success …You have to be born with that talent and the rest is magic! It’s as simple as that!

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