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You bet there is always something in the air at the City of Pécs.

It is not the second best, but really with its marvellous historical scenes, it is the most beautiful city beside the Capital of Hungary!

Roll over to the City of Pécs and take part, leave your footsteps along the paths, enjoy the extraordinary experience, that the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter has to offer you in the coming days. The City of Pécs lays in Baranya County, south from Budapest, just a few kms. away from Croatia. A bunch of places to visit: Trade shows, watching films, listening to music programs, not to be missed the outdoor on fire cooked Hungarian specialities, visiting the old and new environment that meets the eye and much more. Absolutely an extraordinary experience to those who come for a day or relegated to an event or spend several days in this unique heritage filled with glorious beauty in-and-outside surroundings at the Zsolnay Quarter.

The cultural heritage evening was opened and greeted the audience by the Mr. István Márta, Director of the Zsolnay Culture Quarter by offering the spectacular programs throughout September, 7-23. 2012. in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. The major of Pécs Mr. Zsolt Páva welcomed the people by saying:“The main motto of these upcoming days is to feel at home wherever you came from by introducing our intellectual and built heritage.” The sponsors representatives from the OTP Bank and the E-on also greeted the audience and wished them a marvellous time spending during the following day’s programs at the Heritage Days.

Heritage Festival – Pécs Days – According to the Pécs’s traditions, the focal point is the showing their cultural heritage. Many open-air events will take place during the period of September, 7-23. within and outside of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.

Upon arrival to the Zsolnay Quarter, along the walking path, it just couldn’t have been not noticed, John Lennon’s resting glasses on the green field. A poster was placed into one of the empty glasses to bring the attention to the “Art of John Lennon” exhibition to be seen outside, close to the main square of Pécs at the House of Arts and Literature. The exhibition comes up with drawings, snaps lended by Cynthia Lennon and Yoko Ono. Also a continuosly rolling movie showing the lifeline of The Beatles and John Lennon. The exhibition is open until September, 26.2012. If there is a chance to go and see, it surely is a visit to be worthwhile. Will absolutely show and bring the feelings of the pop-of-the-pops from the mid ’60s to the ’70s!

On the first day at the Ginkgo Square, the noise of knocking hammers , drilling and other sounds brought the attention to the people strolling along the area. The Guixot De 8 (Catalan playhouse) statues were being prepared. At the end, the venue was filled with functioning surreal street games for the little children, but at the scene many adults showed up to take their challenge of getting the objects into operation. No need of batteries or plugs, shooting, balance, buffer … just go on and play.  The company’s 2 members were at the scene who were responsible for assembling and dismantling the objects. They were there to give a  helping hand in showing the proper functioning and serve the necessary explanations on the operation. No matter come rain or shine, day or night, these out-door games are fun to rediscover, examine your sence to play and your quicky abilities. As I was told, they just arrived from Ljubljana, after leaving Pécs, staying in Barcelona for just a couple of days, then off again heading to Bruxelles to another open-air exhibition. This is their 2nd appearance here in Hungary. Two years ago they were at the “Sziget” festival  in  Budapest.

Small stands offered a variety of  the locals artistic hand works.

At the open-air stage the first evening rolled the show of concerts. On the festival’s opening tonight, at the open-air stage the “curtains were rolled-up” by the French Fantazio group, a real showman performance was to be seen connected with their unique sound and beat. After a short break the Quimby pronounce: “QueenBee” surely took the hook and the audience sang along and started to dance. Quimby doesn’t not need to be introduced to the Hungarians. They are one of the most popular bands of over two decades. During their career they issued nine albums. Here’s alittle peak:

Many… many venues to visit. Here just mentioning a few options, but there is dozen-and-dozen of places that offers excellent entertainment and a full day of experience at the Island of the Zsolnay Quarter.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter


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27 th of April until the 1st of May 2012.

Scene: 37. Vilmos Street – Pécs

Purchasing your tickets in cash:

 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the information desk within the area of the Zsolnay Culture District.

Call:+36 72 500 350

Nice to have had seen as I walked around there are partially accessible routes for wheelchairs.

 Reach this marvellous place by rolling on a train to Pécs or by driving on route number 6 from Budapest.

The 1st Zsolnay Festival travelers may travel by rolling on the tracks to Pécs on the MÁV Start Zrt Railway. They will receive a 50% discount for Full tour price. The travel by the discount ticket can be in use from midnight April, 26 till May, 2. 2012. The festival day tickets with the discount price of the train ticket can be converted into 10% cheaper when purchasing an entry ticket to the Zsolnay District Festival!

By car it takes approximately two-and-half hours on route 6 from Budapest.

The press and media representative were called to participate at the official opening on the 20th of April at the Zsolnay Factory and Family History Exhibition. From the very first minute, we were all kept in excellent hands by Mr. István Márta, the Director of the Zsolnay Culture District, who welcomed us and gave a presentation of the pre-works, spoke about his team of great background supporters without whom he would have hardly reach to fulfill this grand project. Shared some highlights of the coming days at the City Pécs’s First Zsolnay Festival. Mr. Márta gave a full insight of the coming five days festival’s indoor and outdoor spaces entertainments by international and national artists. As he mentioned a couple of figures: „During the five days Festival a colorful palette of 60 productions and gathering of 450 emerging co-operation will be seen. Mr. László Gyugyi‘s 600 piece of Zsolnay porcelain collection are out on display. Look for the superb title at the exhibition “The Golden Age of the Zsolnay”! These early age potteries will be easierly recognised by the color – dressed in pink.”.

At the official opening Mr. Csaba Nagy, Deputy Mayor of the City of Pécs, Mr. Péter Hoppál, parliamentary representative of Pécs, Mr. Zoltán Bezuk, representative on behalf of the Zsolnay family and Mr. Gergely Horváth, Chief  of Hungarian Tourism and Mr. István Márta, Director of Zsolnay Heritage Ltd. nonprofit management.

Some senarios to be surely visited: The “Bóbita” Puppet Theater (Just stepped in its 50th Anniversary), the Zsolnay Mausoleum, the Planetarium (the one-and-only equipment in Hungary, purchased from the NASA), the Pécs Art Gallery, as well as the exhibition on the history of the Zsolnay family and the factory, will also be open to the visitors during the 1st Zsolnay Festival. A couple of superb names to show up during and at different scenes during the Festival: Markovic Orkestar (SRB), Madredeus (P), Les Tambours du Bronx (FR), Ms. Eszter Takács duo with Mr. Péter Müller -“Sziámi”, Hereo Bauchklang (A), the Fanfara Compleca (R), Mr. Félix Lajkó, the “Csík” Band, the Amadinda Percussion Ensemble, the Corps. Ms. Bea Palya, will pop up singing along side to the visitors, the PTE Arts Faculty and Communications Department, “Kaláka” group, “Zsolnay” Theater. The Budapest’s Katona József Theater will be giving a marathon series of theater production, guest actress Ms. Mari Töröcsik, the awarded nation actress. Mandel Quartet, DJ Scratchy and many more.

Here’s a click to the website, see the entertainers, unfortunetely discriptions in Hungarian language:

Haven’t payed a visit, only overheard one of the recommended hotel to stay whilst the Zsolnay Festival is on:

Just a wink back to some historical facts of the Zsolnay brand and tradition.

The Zsolnay brand name has more than 150 years of tradition. It always had the sence of uniqueness of the artistic value and the symbol of constant renewal. During the historical times, the name Zsolnay didn’t sound unfamiliar All the technological solutions both the artistic design were pioneered in the arts-of-arts. Just to mention famous artists who participated in the work of the factory were: Mr. Rippl-Ronai, Mr.Ferenc Martyn, Mr. Victor Vasarely, Mr Ödön Lechner. Mr. Miklós Zsolnay, the founder was a merchant. First steps to start-up his factory was with the application in the middle of 1852. During the decades Mr. Vilmos Zsolnay, the name has become a concept. Excellent ability persistent experimentation, innovative initiatives were accompanied. He was a great merchant, industrialist, inventor, craftsman, artist and factory owners.

After long years the burial site of Mr. Vilmos Zsolnay, the founder of the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture, the doors are open once again for the public.

The participation at World Fairs was always important step to innovative decorative artists. No surprising that Zsolnay did well in Vienna 1873, the French Order of the Legion of Honor twice, at the 1878 World’s Fair in Paris and again in 1900, Melbourne 1880 attest to the universal recognition of Zsolnay’s excellence. The came Brussels 1888, Chicago 1893 and Antwerp in 1894. That iridescent sheen was superb then and is still superb now.

Pécs is one of the largest City’s after the Capital. The only area in Hungary where the land is graced with the Mediterranean climate. Has history patterns of 2000 years old, ancient Roman burial vaults that proves it was well appreciated settlement for even the Romans. Huge student life animates throughout the city. No surprise when you hear Hungary’s first university was founded here way back in time in 1367.)

In 1914, the factory was the largest company in Austro-Hungary. The WWI. and WWII.crippled the company’s productivity and also in 1948, under Communism, the company was nationalized and remained this way until 1982. In the last decade, before the millennium, the company has regained its name. Since then working on to build back its legendary fame.)

I am aware I am giving my study tour of the First Zsolnay Festival, but may I just add some of the sophisticated highlights of buildings beside those at Pécs, in Budapest and Szeged that left the hand marks of the great Zsolnay generation. Here are some places that may catch those eyes who first visit Budapest then travel over to Pécs to see more awesome arts.

May have to go back in time a bit by mentioning the discovery of eosin and pyrogranite that the composition the formation of the Zsolnay’s type of ceramic. By the means of fired under a high temperature pyrogranite become acid and frost-resistant. This made it attractive to the architects and designers who were looking for a durable material to use as outdoor decorations. So in Budapest can be seen many Hungarian art nouveau architect. Mr. Ödön Lechner who used Zsolnay on all his buildings. In Budapest alone there are over 150 sites which can be seen or basically were originally constructed by the use of Zsolnay ceramics. Best known are the Museum of Applied Arts, the National Geological Institute, the National Archives, Matthias Church, the Central Market Hall, the Technical University, the Elephant House at Budapest’s Zoo, some parts of the interiors at the Hotel Gellért and its Baths, the Liszt Academy of Music, the chocolate-brown cream revetment of the interiors of Europe’s first Underground stations Stations. The wheels roll from downtown to the Hereo Square and further on. One of his magnificent landmarks are assembled upon the exteriors and interiors at the Synagogue in the City Szekszárd.

O.K. Back to Pécs, but there is so many beauties that a lies around Hungary,  just had to stop for a minute and mention a few.

In the coming days roll over to the City Pécs that is dressed for your successful visit at the First Zsolnay Festival. It would be a waiste of time not to visit beside the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter the Kodály Center. So reserve and enjoy a grand concert at the wonderful acoustic hall of the Kodály Center, because now is the best time kill two birds with one stone … O.K. theoretically … go for the City of Pécs you will be a winner.

It is a Family Friendly place and as the Director Mr. István Márta
said: “Our main intention is to target the children and the young adults, cause they are our next generation to keep, carry on the legend with the candle light on.”

The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter is full of wealth of cultural treasures, an easy going place in the coming days for: public events, music of wide scale within pop music, concerts and arts festivals, coffee shops, restaurants, and always a handy place for visitors at the visitor center.

The Zsolnay Festival welcomes visitors from all parts of the World to roll along a paths and the Zsolnay facades, that ain’t seen anywhere else around the World.

Allow all your sence to enjoy and take part in a journey way back in time to this unique environment the City Pécs offers you!


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter