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The Szekely Express wheels restarted rolling on the trails after 64 years in 2008.

No the train wasn’t late!

The History was late!

To-day, the organizers told at the press conference held under the dome of the Eastern Railway Station on track number 9.,where we were hosted on the dining train, but before taking the steps, the Transylvanian hospitality couldn’t have had been dinied. Welcomed the invited  press and media representatives with  snip of Pálinka and salty pastry.

Mr. Zsolt Kővári, Chief Executive, MÁV-Start, Inc. opened the press gathering by saying:  in the past five years, the State Railways provided the Székely Express and this year another train will join the route with the train: Csíksomlyó Express, which is also provided by the MÁV Start Inc. He was happy to add: “This year the rail assemblies ensure more than fifteen hundred passengers to have an opportunity to travel to Transylvania to the pilgrim having space on 24 railway carriages.”

“The World-Famous – Hungarian Gold Team” football players portrait are painted on the locomotive Taurus, that will be slicing through the air on its way and pulling the carriages cutting through high mountains and deep valleys. Both trains will depart on May, 25 and return at May, 28.2012.

The Székely Express leaving from Budapest, early Friday morning, arriving approximately at 10 p.m. to its final destination at the Transylvania station. Both trains will be rolling four days long as a passenger train to the various villages of Transylvania. The pilgrims will be picked up upon arrival at the station and accommodated at local family’s homes.

Every year the Saturday before Pentecost Sunday is held the traditional Csíksomlyó pilgrim. For many Hungarians this is one of the most celebrated holiday, whereas the procession and Holy Mass are held.

Puskás and the other 10 pair of Golden Legs cannot be denied. They have had written history with their “Match of the Century” and the memory of them has been kept in the hearts of many Hungarians.

Mr. Jenő Buzánszky, is one of that eleven pair of golden legs!

It is such a great joy for all Hungarians who live at the time of the breathtaking footy played at the Wembley at November, 25, 1953.  England v Hungary, and what a Victory the Hungarian football palyers gain with their 3:6!   Mr. Jenő Buzánszky, the defender, once member of the Gold Team. He was happy to share his thoughts by saying: „A long time ago we all were out on the green fields and now if just only being together again with their portrait of my footy mates is heartbreakingly touching.”

On the speeding Csiksomlyó Express Mr. Jenő Buzánszky will be the captain of the team. The “Sportsman of the Nation” travels since 1992 to Transylvania and as he said, he almost feels being there like being at home. No wonder … “Farkaslaka” presented the honorary citizen title, “Székelyudvarhely” was inaugurated as an honorary Székely and at “Sandominic” they have the Buzánszky Cup also held in his honor.

He recalled those moments when he visited the town Hargita and met with the elder fans who told him, as to be able to hear clearly the voice of Mr. György Szepesi, broadcasting the Golden Team’s play, they had to climb up the hill to be able to listen through their detector radio the memorable match.

“For seven years I lived at the City of Cegléd. The railway tracks were just seven meters distance from our house. As the daily trains rushed by my kids always ran out of the house to watch the steam train passing in front of them”  recalled Mr. Imre Rácz, CEO of the MÁV-Traction Ltd.

Mr. Ferenc Hámori, one of the organizers of the pilgrimage and the editor of the Indóház Magazine, informed the press and media representatives,that this will be the fifth occasion of the pilgrims travel with the use of special trains during the event. The participants on this tour will be hosted in the frame of the Village Tourism.

Mr. Jenő Buzánszky will be on board for the third time participating on this trip. At the ending of the press conference he wished to add the following: “There is only one of such a pilgrimage in the world, so you should join us and everyone on this route can be confident that they will surely keep the 4 days experiences in mind.

At the end of the press conference the organizers welcomed the participants with  a taste of Transylvanian food specialties.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter