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Visegrád International Palace Games – 2016

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Step into the world of the Middle Ages – Visegrád International Palace Games!

July, 8 – 10. 2016.

Visegrád is to be hosting a sumptuous celebration at the Royal Palace of Visegrád. The Visegrád International Palace Games are now commemorating 32 years since 1335 to meet the Visegrád King. It was one of the most important events in medieval Europe. This spectacular three-day tournament will boast a number of great programs evoking the Palace Games, such as: brave knights, falconer, dancers, ensembles, minstrels, torchlight parades, fairs, concerts and royal wine yard awaits the Hungarians from all over the country and foreigner visitors, to enjoy stepping back in time, evoking the incomparable, eye-catching, spectacular medieval atmosphere within the walls of the Royal Palace.

Upon arrival to the venue,  András Félegyházi  – major of Visegrád,  Gergely Buzás – director Royal Palace Museum, László Cseke – Knight and the Mahart – Hungarian Shipping Co. representative greeted the media personals whom were introduced to the major programs to the forthcoming  International Palace Games at Visegrád..

So the invitation goes out to all individuals: families with children, buddies, friends and couples who wish to be a part, feel the spirit of how things ran in the Middle Age. On the spot you can follow the craft artists how the medieval tools, items were made in those days.

The tournament starts off with the Hungarian part, King Charles who will be expecting to join the colorful cortége arriving from Bohemia – King John and Casimir – King from Poland.

A glance into the timetable … On Friday, July,8 – 2.30 p.m. starts off with the Royal Parade on the main street. Then arrival at 3 p.m. tournament of Casimir, King of Poland and will be followed  at 5 p.m. Charles I., King of Hungary. Saturday, July, 9.- 10.30 a.m. on the Main Street continues the Royal Parade. From 11 a.m. the Tournament of Casimir King of Poland. Presentation of Human chess begins at 1.30 p.m.  From 2 p.m. continues tournament with Charles i., King of Hungary. At 8.30 p.m.Torchlight Parade begins on the Main Street. Almost an hour to watch the tournament of John King of Bohemia. On Sunday, July 10. the Royal Palace opens t 10.30 on the Main Street. Casimir King of Poland can be seen from 11 a.m. A hug  Archers Contest kicks off at 1.30 p.m. From 2.30 p.m. the King of Hungary Charles tournament will be presented.

The sights and view at Visegrád surely is soul-lifting. It is located on the no.11 main road, 43 km north of Budapest. It can be accessed by car or bus using this main road, and during the Royal Games it can be reach by boat back-and-forth from Budapest’s port operated by Mahart on the River Danube. During the festival the parking is free of charge except at the private parking area.

The main attractions are at and along the paths of the Royal Palace. Indeed worthwhile to take a look in-and-out side the Royal Palace. Not to be missed once there to have a look around the Hercules Fountain the Ornamental Courtyard from the Sigismund era which was reconstructed, and a Renaissance loggia was  built on the first floor. In the garden new terraces were created.

Entering the Palace to the exhibition rooms and the original stone collection displays show several records from the various ages.

In a nutshell about the building of the Royal Palace of Visegrád. It was started to be built-in the 2nd half of the XIV Century, und I. and it was completed by King Sigismund in the 1st decade of the XVth the reign of King Louis. Finally it was rebuilt between 1476 till 1486 by King Matthias Corvinus. In the Royal Place quite unusual alike at other palace built-in those decades was, that this had 4 kitchens which kinda proves a differentiated run of the royal court, as well as the high standard of the culinary culture. So far no similar kitchen in size was discovered yet in the Medieval Hungary.

Participating at the various daily presentations, touring in-and-around the venue of the Royal Palace, a princely lunch awaited the media group at the local Renaissance Restaurant.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter