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“ÓBUDA” … Summer in the City … Summer in Budensis – Hungary – 2015.


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June, 15 – August 15. 2015.

This year for the 15th time Óbuda will be holding its festival series namely „Óbuda Summer” at District,III. in Budapest.

Today’s Budapest was created on November, 17. 1873. On the left bank of the River Danube Pest and on the right bank of the city was Buda and lying North  situated „Óbuda” the Old Buda.

Óbuda is keeping its „Óbuda Summer cultural festival since 2001. During the three-month at many sites of Óbuda a stream of varies programs can be visited, whereas number concerts, theatrical performances, literary events and classical music await all those who feel their personal proximity to art. Also will be under the stars shooting films of Hungarian musical.

The territory has reached to be known nationwide. The festival brings to all the visitors programs to fulfill much enjoyment, such as outdoor concerts, exhibitions theater performances, children’s shows, alsort of cultural events, films on screens. The festival venues are free of charge, only the theater productions need to purchase tickets in advance.

The events are organized by the Cultural Center of Óbuda and each year the district of Óbuda within the support of the Aquimcum Museum, the Óbuda Museum place the scale higher in bringing more-and-more series of high-quality events to young and elder folks.

The music and theater programs will take place at the main square in the Zichy courtyard, the Kobuci Garden, the Fellini and Roman Culture Bistro, also at several other locations.

One of the biggest surprise will occur on July, 4. with the Symphonic music performance at the Zichy courtyard. Two members János Karácsony and Tamás Somló from the Locomotiv GT the significant national ensemble will bring on stage their well-known greatest hits and play some of their never heard song as well.

The festival programs open on June, 14. with Folk Dance Ensembles and the Bohem Regtime Band Jazz Band. Between June, 27-28. … Day1 continuous concerts will take place … Day2 more-and-more traditional programs  such as folk dance program, street party, fair stands, national choir awaits the visitors to the Buda Main Square. Bálint Gajer … the prince of the Hungarian swing  and Kati Kovács  famous Hungarian performer will step on stage along with the  Budapest Regtime Band. The evening hold for operetta lovers a fine time with the performance of Marika Osward member of the Hungary National Operetta House.

The organizers thought of holding superb programs for the little ones and children with daily entertainment provided by the Kaláka, the Szélkiáltó and the Kolompos group. Beside the music programs the so-called baby-mother club kindergarten will be provided from July; 14 -. August, 11. where the children age of kindergarten and their mothers  will be awaited to participate at the „Aquincum advantures” where mythological storytellers and Roman age games will be introduced.

For theater lovers many performances will be on stage, but sorry to say they will be only in Hungarian language, but for the opera fans no language knowledge is needed at the Carmen-fillet Bizet.  Two-time plays will be on July, 31 and August, 1. 2015.


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter