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Continuing with Day3  updates at the SZEM  – EYE  Theater Miskolc of excellently organized and similar great performances!

In the following days a range of different theater shows, as drama, musical, dancing were shared with the audience to enjoy!

Thursday, February, 7. „JULIETTE MUST DIE” The  Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art  from  Poland  brought “Juliet must die”  performance to the SZEM – EYE Festival. Was a short play of 25minutes, modern act by very talented actors, an awesome deeply physical theater performance.   The performance was directed by Barbara Wisniewska, a student of  The Directing Department at Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw, Poland.

The play is happening in our-a-days. Juliette is modern 21st century’s gal, goes to disco and enjoys her life and she prefers not to die. Juliette, in this play she is not that Juliette you may have in mind of Shakespeare …  she wants to live!  Her family takes her as an  obedient daughter, a perfect wife-to-be, an ideal woman. Her problems start as being taken as beautiful doll, but living in a golden cage. She considers men constantly patronize her and forgets about her humanity, hinder her own free will. The story of the world’s most famous lovers here shows in perspective of Juliette, who absolutely is against to be a merely trophy for a man. The story goes on the out most archetypical history of the famous lovers in the literature world. Main thought all along the way is about unsolved gender problems. The problem shown from the perspective of the main character, who doesn’t want to be a supplement to man and can consciously redefine traditional concepts of femininity, freedom and love. Juliette opposes the obligation of the projection of life from the male, dominant perspective in social discourse. She gives thumbs down to Romeo, leaving him to die on the cold “bench!

Another brilliant theatrical experience shortly knocked on the door!

Thursday, February, 7. „OUR CLASS”… “I L. Caragiale” Theater and Film, University of Bucharest, Romania. Project coordinator:Tadeusz Słobodzianek (CLAS noastră)

The contemporary Polish writer’s “OUR CLASS” by Tadeusz Slobodzia‘s play is also on stage at the Budapest’s  József Katona Theater. This time  “OUR CLASS” was brought to the stage to Miskolc by the Bucharest Academy. The story ain’t  fiction, that is why it cuts like a blade. The story  is based upon a real life story! Deep drama performance, surely the audience breath frozen and become ice, even your heartbeat skips the beat several times. The play goes at  very small town in Poland, where everyone knows eachother. Happening in 1925 at the local Polish school. The class members destiny is followed up to the 20th century’s Central Europe. The shadows of the WW2 with its history traumas, personal testimonies and memories  taking place  before our very eyes. At this micro-community, we can see how the deeply close childhood friendship, step-by-step falling into pieces and they becoming the victims of their ideologies. Indeed, a fantastic group of talented third-year acting students. By-the-way, this play was their year’s examination performance. Also thumbs-up for the set, lighting and sound design which also marked the talented students work.

Following the performances lectures followed by informal professional conversations in which contemporary Hungarian playwriters and the other local and international artists could join the talks and raise direct Qs to the artists. Also, visitors were welcomed,  to take part at the lectures, by purchasing a pass-ticket. The full pass-ticket price was 3600HUF and the students and senior tickets price was 2400HUF.

Mentioning some other Hungarian and international productions on stage during the festival, such as the Spring Awakening (Frank Wesekind) with young adult actors from the University of  Theater and Film Arts, Budapest, directed by Róbert Alföldi . The „TOLDI”  was on stage also presented by the University of  Theater and Film Arts from Budapest. The “VISITATION”  was a  mutual production brought by the Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding, Germany and  the Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna im. Ludwika Solskiego, Poland.

The second-year students from the Master of Fine Arts  University of designers  arrived from Kaposvár. Showed their own designed costumes of the puppets in  the play  Chekhov’s “SEAGULL”. Also, it is important  to note they were the ones who also planned the whole designing for the SZEM – EYE Festival’s  interior .

The 5 days SZEM -EYE  Theater Festival surely reached its goal. Was a fine time to explore the magic  kicks of  variety in different acting skills brought by local and international artists.

As it is known … the first step is the hardest … just like a baby’s first steep by reaching the first year. Now the SZEM -EYE’s first year’s theater festival showed its success, fulfilled the test with bringing on stage superb actors and productions, for us the visitors and for them to enjoy the gathering in these cold, grey days of winter, by bringing sunshine into many of our lives.

Congrats to Mr. Csaba Kiss Director,  Theater of Miskolc,  for the spark and lighting in organizing these theaterical events  and by all means congrates to his great supporting team to cover such an outstanding background to this unique  cultural international festival, not yet to have had taken  place anywhere in Hungary.

Curtain falls  … light goes off !

See you at Miskolc next year at the 2nd SZEM – EYE  European UniversitiesTheater Festival!

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