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Part 1. Autumn Festival of Museums in Hungary – 2022.

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Part 1. On a full day study tour which was organized for the written and online media representatives by the Hungarian Tourist Agency and the Open-Air Museum of Ethnography – Museum Education and Methodology Center – Szentendre (MOKK)  in presenting the coming up events related to the Autumn Festival of Museums.  The visiting venues were at Tatabánya – Tata –  Oroszlány  – Majk Museum  which are in the region of Central Transdanubian.

Arrived to the venue by bus from Budapest organized by the (MOKK).  Arriving to our first stop at Tatabánya  … the seat of Komárom-Esztergom county …  the media representative were welcomed by – Gabriella A. Pál …  at Majk – Zsuzsanna Éva Kovács and  Tata director Richard Schmidtmayer. Our host talked about their programs,  main goal to shed light on the museums’ role in the natural, intellectual and social fields, clarify the concept of sustainability and to draw attention to the museum’s rich activities related to the Autumn Festival of Museums.Visited two superb museum institutions

In the Tatabánya Museum, was introduced the archaeological monuments discovered in the area, as well as the new and recent monuments. We could have a view of their latest project from a bird’s eye view through  VR glasses which was the topic about garbage collection around the Turul monument. As mentioned, this was made for educational purposes in a playful way to make children aware of the importance of rubbish collection collection.

There are plenty of cultural tourism opportunities in Hungary  … be a guest – visitor at one of them.

Still at Tatabánya visited the Mining and Industria Skanzen with its member institution. This venue is also unique in every sense and most probably in an international context as well. We visited the entire building complexes of the Mine and saw the miners’six-door houses, where we could see age-old tools and equipment, the furnished offices, walking outdoor saw the smaller and giant machines and among them the tools and equipment which looked as an outer space land, and in the meantime went down to the old XV shaft.

Riport to be continued in PART 2.

Riport and snaps by  Aggie Reiter