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Boost Your Mood … Tune in to your health!

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Immune Booster cocktail party with the Herbalife Nutrition was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Rooftop Budapest. The sight of the St. Stephen’s Basilica formed a beautiful view in the background to the speakers. A great autumn day with the ray of the sun was a perfect chose to the day.

Exercise, healthy diet, vitamins? How do you strengthen your immune system at the turn of the season? A cocktail party was held with the participation of experts and known influenza agents, where the results of the Herbalife Immune Booster 2021 survey were presented and participants had the opportunity to jointly prepare some healthy cocktails in a cocktail competition with Robert Ollári star mixer!

The results of the Herbalife Immune Booster 2021 survey were presented as part of a round table discussion. The conversation was moderated by Barbara Russian – television presenter. Other participants: Annamária Porkoláb-Minarik – psychologist, Reni Tolvai – singer, Jucus Szabó – gastroblogger, Dávid Baranya – dancer of “Dancing With the Stars”.

A thoughts or two from from the round table discussion … “Long-term results require hard work. So we do not promise you a quick victory. What we promise, however, is a strong support system, honest guidance and advice as needed. So you can say yes to doing what you can and getting the best out of yourself!” These were the opening words.

Continued the presentation saying, their products have been developed to support in achieving the person goal … be they simple goals or even very complex. Whether wish to reach the personal ideal weight and/or want to increase performance or for those going to the gym regularly, there are guidance and advice for each individuals. Their products included protein shakes, dietary supplements, moisturizing products, sports nutrition solutions. The first step is several times the hardest towards a better and healthier path! May start anytime, any day the journey to a healthier life today!

At the end there was a Herbalife Cocktail Competition – made with healthy ingredients along with invited guest and speakers.

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