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Herald News – Part 1. – Opera & Ballet Broadcasts from Convert Garden @ Hungary’s Cinemas

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World-class 7 opera and 6 ballet – on the big screen – London’s Royal Opera House performances @ Hungary’s cinemas. From the end of September, opera lovers in Hungary will also be able to experience the performances of the King’s Opera House – London, which is considered one of the most famous opera houses in the world. The 2022-23 season – including on screen with several world premieres – will be shown @ Budapest and numerous cinemas of locations throughout the country such as @ Budapest – Puskin – Pólus and Gobuda (former EuroCenter). The productions are also available throughout the country @ the Apollo cinemas – @ Debrecen – TiszapART @ Szolnok, Belvárosi @ Szeged and Apollo @ Pécs.

For nearly a decade and a half, the Covent Garden opera house has been broadcasting its world-class performances on cinema screens. The live broadcasts thanks to the excellent cinematography during performances recorded live and then projected from the recording. The viewers can enjoy the performances as if from a royal lodge, up close. During the broadcast breaks short live interviews and pre-recorded short documentary inserts shed light on the behind-the-scenes challenges of the rehearsal process leading to the awesome performances.

The main location of the broadcasts in Budapest will be @ the Cinema MOM movie theater equipped with absolutely comfortable armchairs as listening to the music. Historian Ádám Bősze, radio host with his colleagues dr. Márton Hoványi, humanities scholar, writer and Léna Megyeri a ballet historian and dance critic entertaining with informative introductory presentation accompanied by a quality cold dinner.

The broadcasts of the Royal Opera House are distributed in Hungary by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd., which specializes in stage productions and other special art cinema content.

The Royal Opera House presents itself with the cinema season’s richest repertoire to date: from September, the spectacular productions of the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera will be broadcast from Covent Garden in more than 1,300 movie theaters and concert halls worldwide.

To be continued … Part 2

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