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Searching for the lady who is worthy of a year in representing the

Hungarian Sea!

When the season turns into summer the symbol of our country’s emblematic place the Lake Balaton comes alive and so we can be justly proud, as it is Central Europe’s largest freshwater lake. It offers many vibrant cultural programs and the recreational opportunities for families and hopping out with friendS is an idol place. Some part around the lake is quiet giving the time to relax and some areas are booming with nightlife entertainments.

This summer Balatonfüred,  North part of Lake Balaton will be the venue all about beauty and charity. The city hosts the Miss Balaton beauty pageant – 2014. The girl who wins the beauty contest Miss Balaton 2014., will represent and hold the title for one year until the next Miss Queen of Lake Balaton 2015.

The application period starts on April, 24 running to May, 23. 2014. Three rounds of selection will take place in a camp at Lake Balaton for girls between the age of 18 to 28 who may submit the applications and of whom sixteen  …  after several rounds of selection  … will be selected to take part in a camp at Lake Balaton.

First casting begins on May, 30. 2014. Pre-selection goes on June, 02.,  next level  will be on June.9.  and on June, 18. Finally, the Final news i.e. words how is Miss Balaton 2014. will be on air and at Balatonfüred on August, 9. 2014.

Selecting the ideal candidates is not any easy task, so the organizers of some celebrity experts will also be involved in the contest prizes is lined. For further Miss Balaton information:

The candidate skills will be visioned and assisted by some celebrity experts in the preparation works and escort the girls all the way through the event by three advisory ladies: Panni Epres, Eszter Isaac and Regina Dukai. Attila Seres will be responsable for the girls choreography. The role of competition will be coordinated by a real role model, Éva Horváth, who over the years gained a wealth of experience in the beauty contests … so we heard at the press conference.

The girl who wins the beauty contest will represent and hold the title for one year until the next Miss Balaton comes around in 2015.

The winner’s prize of 2014 Miss Balaton will be elected by votes of the jury and the reward is a Fiat 500 – Assal and the amount of 1.2 million HUF.

Guess for a start, it ain’t too bad to be Miss Balaton’s Beauty Queen after all!


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter