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Tesco – Hungarian Product Ltd – Signed Strategic Agreement @ Budaőrs – Hungary – 2022.

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Press gathering was based at the Tesco Store @ Budaőrs was held by Eszter Benedek – Managing Director of Magyar Products Nonprofit Ltd. and Tamás Kámán – Purchasing Director of Tesco-Global co. ltd. and Dr. Beáta Olga Felkai – Head of Department on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Hungarian Product Trademarks at the Tesco’s Stores continues to expand … in order to emphasize the domestic origin and controlled quality. With the agreement signed now be in use certification trademarks of Magyar Product Nonprofit Ltd. on its own branded products – this is also part of the strategic agreement signed yesterday, July 7. 2022. Hungarian Product Trademarks (MAGYAR TERMÉK Nonprofit Kft.) was founded in 2006 with the aim of helping clear identification of domestic goods and increase the demand for Hungarian products with its certification mark.

Eszter Benede – Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. managing director said, that Tesco currently distributes more than 600 logo products of various Hungarian manufacturers. According to the strategic agreement between Magyar Product Nonprofit Ltd. and Tesco, this number will continue to increase, as from now on Tesco will also use the trademark on its own branded products. Its success is well indicated by the fact that more than 5000 products and services of about 220 companies now bear one of the Hungarian Product trademarks. There are also plans in organizing various forums for regional suppliers, helping the smaller size farmers to bring their products to the market, as well as the small producers products available goods to the costumers at the Tesco’s stores. She continued, within their mutual agreement of to-day, the goal is to cover the promotion of domestic products in Tesco’s stores with promotional publications and webshop, as well as in organizing joint thematic marketing campaigns, adding various forums for regional suppliers and sweepstakes.

Was also emphasized how important it was to adopt into act the online shopping during the pandemic, had to think about the shoppers taste and needs. Imports were a bit cumbersome and were not always available all previous Tesco products on the selves, but Hungarian goods were available constantly at Tesco’s stores.

Tamás Kámán – Tesco’s Purchasing Director, emphasized that domestic suppliers have been so far paramount importance to the Tesco, but the agreement opens up new opportunities for co-operation between Magyar Products. Tesco will have had 27000 products in 2021 of which more than 21000 were of domestic origin, and more than 60% of its sales revenue was returned to Hungarian suppliers. “Hungarian Product trademarks” are now being affixed to hundreds of Tesco-branded products, and we wish to draw the customers  attention to the domestic products of controlled quality.

Dr. Beáta Olga Felkai – Head of the department of the Ministry of Agriculture pointed out that by choosing Hungarian products, the customers of Tesco will strengthen the Hungarian economy, help the livelihood of families living from agriculture and also contribute to climate protection. She also gave an updated in figures that 96% of Hungarian consumers are looking for Hungarian branded products. Continued … the products are made from 100% Hungarian raw materials, in Hungary. In the case of food, this means that the animal was raised in Hungary … the plant was raised at home … all the steps of processing took place at home … the raw materials used are from Hungary, with the exception of additives, spices and salt. The domestic origin and reliability of trademarked products are verified by an independent organization and the proper origin of the raw material is verified. In addition to the origin of the product, compliance with legal requirements is also checked, so anyone who buys a branded product can be sure that they are getting a reliable product that does not enjoy an undue competitive advantage, meets the product safety criteria.

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