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Part 3. The Voice of Kékfrankos Reached Near&Far Wine and Gastronomy 2022 @ Sopron

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Part 3. Comes the local culinary specialties and continues with the day after wine tastings of the best Kékfrankoc -Blue Franc Sopron wines at  local wine cellars.

Gastronomic participants of the Day: Krois Brewery – with craft beers, Chocotrade – with chocolate fountain, Harrer Chocolat – wine chocolate presentation, Fertő-Hanság National Park – with gray beef and buffalo salami,  Deák Restaurant, ZAKAnT Restaurant, Bojtorina Vegan Kitchen, Erhardt Restaurant.

The Deák Restaurant‘s roast duck, diced cabbage and caramelized plums were great to  taste. The ZAKanT Restaurant‘s stewed beef cheeks seasoning with Kékfrankos, vegetables with sauce and bacon dumplings. Bojtorina Restaurant‘s tomato and chickpea ragout with roasted vegetables, the taste of black forest’s own recipe was a special experience, furthermore the Avocado bruschetta selection. Erhardt Restaurant‘s wild meat with crushed pumpkin and selection of oranges and Tornácos Restaurant homemade pasta, Dryager sirloin, mushroom velouté, along with new spring onions.

A load of yummies were not missing, tasting snacks, appetizers, desserts, pumkin potato pie, vegan veggie bowls, freshly made 100% hawthorn, elderberry, beetroot saps,  Harrer Chocolat‘s the chocolates were mouthwatering especially pairing with wine&chocolates.

The local artisan Krois beer brought a palette of their rich in flavors in  the Black Unicorn beer, which is a great clean stout, black beer good dark flavor, good hops with a pleasantly coffee, dry finish.

As  getting closer to the nightfall the Four Corners Orchester and the Blue Cafe Band gave a grand music concert.

Spent an overnight resting in the heart of the subalpine climate Lővér Forest at the Hotel Fagus, a 4-star wellness which is situated in Sopron, organized for the staying group by Effix-Marketing Ltd. Civils for Fertőtájért, Sopron Fertő Tourism Development Nonprofit Ltd. Unfortunately, we were not able to spend time in the Spa world with that unique atmosphere, but I would like to highlight the wide selection of excellent buffet breakfast. I can really recommend to stay at the hotel throughout the year … and of course anytime after taking part in an active wine cellar tour.

NEXT DAY’s program was visiting two wineries. One was the HAUER Cellar – Balf. Arriving to the venue looking at the tidy attic house from the street front, no one would think that it hides a tiny winery. The Hauer Cellar is carrying about 300 years of tradition.  Hauer Erik replanted their lands in the Balf area, placing great emphasis on the main variety of the wine region, the Kékfrankos – Blue Franc. In addition to pure and characterful royal princess, they also make excellent Rosé in their cellar. Preservation of the fruitfulness and character of the growing area is mandatory for them in all cases. He said Q.:  “80 percent of what the wine will be depends on the grapes, the rest we add or spoil it.”  Now he grows six types of grapes and from them he makes ten types of wine. The group tasted Hauer Rozé (Kékfrankos) 2021, Hauer Kékfrankos Classic 2016, Hauer Kékfrankos Old Vine 2018, Hauer Királyleányka Pearl Wine 2021.The land, climate was filled in the bottle.

At the LUKA winery – Fertőrákos were step-by-step  tasting of four wines: Zweigelt 2020, Merlot 2020, Kékfrankos 2020, Cabernet sauvignon 2018. We filled a small tasting room, but it was designed in such a manner that on one side, through a large glass wall, can see the barrel aging area and on the other side see a picturesque view of the Lake Fertő.  She spoke about their family tree back to 1560, their coat of arms decorating the snow-white house wall replaces the letter “U” in their name. Enikő doesn’t want to be the biggest, the coolest, the richest, she just wants their name to be well-known everywhere, a guarantee of assured quality. She does not want to produce in large quantities. In the weak year of 2010, six thousand to five hundred bottles were filled, but in better years no more than eight to nine thousand are made. Her wine territory is a total 2.7 hectares. The zweigelt is nearby in Újhegy. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Kékfrankos can be found between  the route of Balf and Fertőrákos.

Riport and snaps Aggie Reiter

Part 1. The Voice of Kékfrankos Reached Near&Far Kékfrankos 2022 – Wine and Gastronomy

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Sopron Capital of Kékfrankos – Blue Franc wine

After a long day gaining full of experience, get ready for the three parts of a long report … really worthwhile to know more about one of the superb wine regions of Sopron close to the Hungarian- Austria border.

The event’s main goal was to promote the Sopron Wine Region and to emphasize the calm, quiet touristic nature of the City and its surroundings.

Upon invitation left Budapest by separate bus for a full-day program to Sopron delivering the press and media representatives.The transportations and participating at the event was organized by Effix-Marketing Ltd. Civils for Fertőtájért, Sopron Fertő Tourism Development Nonprofit Ltd. Beside the Hungarians foreigners from abroad Great Britain, Poland, France and Germany connected in wine industries, journalists and key economic players were off to Sopron. Upon arrival to the prestigious event were present Dr. Schneider István Gábor, Sopron Borvidék Hegyközégé, Vice-Chairman). Mayor City of Sopron – Dr. Ciprián Farkas, and Dr. István Gábor Schneider – vice-chairman of the Sopron Wines whom welcomed the guests. Their presentation gave an update about the wine regions, its gastronomic, cultural diversity and figures of tourist staying at Sopron. The event took place @ the City’s Ferenc Liszt Conference and Cultural Center.

Major Dr. Ciprián Farkas opening words were about the Sopron wines landscape Q”: Sopron true winemaking center which is at the foot of the Alps, at the junction of the Lake Fertő landscape and the Little Plain. This triple unity accompanies activities are a meeting of three cultures here: Hungarian, Croatian and, last but not least, German. The German minority living here played a significant role in the fact that today we can speak of a wine region. Sopron is capital of Kékfrankos, an excellent wine country and region for all three types of wine to grow well: red, rosé and white. Here at Sopron we know that the Sopron wines at the stores are not on the shelves where they should be, but we also know that this performance is achievable together shoulder-by-shoulder to bring together Sopron’s winemakers and we would like to do everything we can to ensure that the Sopron winemakers also undertake this task together. It is their common interest to strengthen the perception of Sopron wine to receive their better assignment.

Dr. Schneider István Gábor, Sopron Borvidék Hegyközégé – Vice-Chairman) presentation concerned that the Kékfrankos blue grape varieties are common because the wines are determined much more by the territory than by the varietal characteristics in Sopron’s territory The international wine academician:  Dr. Attila Fiáth DipWSET – international wine academician, Dr. András Csizmadia – BorSchola founder, teacher, wine expert, Sándor Viniczai – journalist, Tibor Molnár  – Soproni Wine Association, István Kurt Taschner, – general secretary  Hungarian Wine Academy Kékfrankos confirmed their thanks to the climatic and soil properties of the Sopron wine region, it is characterized by acids that enable longer aging. The region’s variegated grape varieties, from Rosé to top-class Kékfrankos in many styles, mostly stem from the characteristics of the place of production. The Róze ripens in the cool climate of Düll on the shores of the Fertő Lake, rich in warmer sunshine, while the Kékfrankos matures.

Many were asking … what it is in a memorable bottle of Sopron’s wine? … The answer was pretty simple … To be worthy representative of the Sopron’s region and characteristics of the landscape. The climate is a badge in bringing the best Kékfrankos. Mostly are manually harvested, crop restriction and are prepared within the traditional and modern wine-making processes. These are mainly aged in wooden barrels, but some of them in use of metal containers. The winemakers here on the spot offered a wide range of fragrant heavy-bodied white, red wines and Rozé and anyone caould taste the Kékfrankos wines from different territory of Sopron.

During the day, two small optional special  winemakers sightseeing tours was available for the visitors. One was offered an insight into the hidden values, curiosities and legends of Sopron. The second “Liquid Sopron” in connection between wines and Sopron. Had told many data i.e. that way back the family’s had a cellar in their own basement as well, which for many up till now was not really known. The main patron to the event Attila Barcza, Member of Parliament, Vice Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Parliament, Chairman of the Tourism Subcommittee who  latter joined the group on the tour.

“Early evening hours round table with the wines”  presentation took place by the international wine academician:  Dr. Attila Fiáth DipWSET – international wine academician, Dr. András Csizmadia – BorSchola founder, teacher, wine expert, Sándor Viniczai – journalist, Tibor Molnár  – Soproni Wine Association, István Kurt Taschner, – general secretary  Hungarian Wine Academy. Spoke about the status of the importance of this event, such as the situation of Hungarian wine, co-operation … young people … wine consumption … wine and brand … growing area, … climate … international recognition … Sopron and its situation of Hungarian wine and other insights. Was a really good and awakening, inspirational conversations. The president of the Borút – Wine Road – Association highlighted the importance while having tastings listen to the winemakers speak about their experience.

Participating Winemakers were already waiting for the guest to stop by at their table for the tasting. These were: Bónis-Reitter Winery, Bruckner Winery, Etyeki Kúria Borgazdaság Sopron wines, Fényes Cellar, Gangl Winery, Hauer Cellar, Hermann Cellar, Horváth Wine, Iváncsics Cellar, Jandl Cellar, Lővér Cellar, Luka Winery, Pfneiszl Estate, Steigler Cellar, Stubenwoll Cellar, Taschner Wine and Champagne House, Töltl Winery, Vincellér Wine Estate, Winelife Winery, Zachár Wine.

Riport to be continued @ Part 2.

Riport and snaps Aggie Reiter