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Documentary Commemorates Tutanhamun

Tutankhamun - The latest exhibition

Out @ Hungary’s Domestic Cinemas – May, 12. 2022.

The leatest Temples of Art series – Tutanhamun: The Latest Gigantic Exhibition.

 English – Italian –  German language, all subtitled in Hungarian


Without leaving the country the series of the Temples of Art @ Hungarian cinemas watch step-by-step this amazing documentary.  The largest exhibition ever on Tutanhamun the giant power of Egypt of a truly young pharaoh who has not been forgotten for millennia, left behind a significant mark in Egyptian history.  Tutanhamun had become an iconic figure in world history  before pre-Roman and British monarchy times.
A documentary commemorates Tutanhamun from the lavish burial chamber unearthed a hundred years ago. For the first time, the latest exhibition will allow millions of spectators to take a close look at Pharaoh’s personal belongings from the tomb of about 150 of the luxury items that accompany him to the afterlife from the Valley of the Kings.

A highly recommend to go-to-the-movie to see the superb relics memorabilia before the “Golden Boy” returns to his homeland to R.I.P. in Egypt forever.

The documentary about him is breathtaking and Iggy Pop was a great choice as a narrator who completely captures the attention of the viewers.

Age limit: 12.

Film distributor Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

Riport: Aggie Reiter