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Keeping the light on the Hungarian Tradition, Culture, Folk Art!

ZARA  Continental Hotel – Budapest

District VII., 42-44.Dohány Street

The both days events are free of charge.

The Hungarian Folk Art Days at ZARA Continental Hotel Budapest which is one of the coolest 4-stars superior design hotels located at Budapest’s historical district VII., near to the downtown area. In the coming two days the Hotel will be the ground to get to know more about the Hungarian traditions and culture. Both the two days ongoing folk shows, lectures, crafts  workshops, folk artists and folk music, traditional Hungarian folk costumes show, teaching the steps of the folk dances, folk dance party. A presentations on the history of the House will be held on Friday, November, 22. from 3.00 p.m. until 10 p.m. On Saturday, 23. from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. a fine venue to get to know  more about the Hungarian traditional folk dances, the traditional national costume inspired by contemporary and folk costume piece, craft artists from the countryside. Folk songs and splendid dance-shows will be on both days by the Boróka Dance Ensemble, the Buda Folk Band and Kobor Zengő Band, Ferenc Gulyás and Nóra Fehér, the Adony Dance Ensemble, and the “Wild Flower” Folk Group.  Presenter:  Miklós Rosonczy – Kovács,  Junior Prima Prize-winning folk artist.

Beside the presentations of the tradition and culture, the organizers haven’t forgotten about getting hungry in the meantime, so to ease that, be appropriate to the event real Hungarian tasty food awaits the for the visitors. The staff at the ARAZ Restaurant are ready in preparing two exciting culinary menus which are not just the locals yummies, but the foreigners staying or visiting Hungary. They surely won’t leave the country saying they haven’t tasted at least these two specialities. Just a hint of the a’la Hungarian menus: Gulyás (Goulash) soup from beef of grey cattle with home-made noodles  OR Fish soup with matchstick pasta. The main courses are Mangalitsa medallion with egg barley and letcho potatoes OR Catfish „swiming” in paprika souse, pasta with cottage cheese … rolling to the sweeties: Peach pudding „Kecskemét” style (Kecskemét is a city famous of its Peach Pálinka, so the style stands for the pudding dressed in pálinka)  OR Cottage cheese dumplings with cinnamon dressing. Thought of the Veggie eaters: Potatoes cream soup with sour cream OR Ewe cheese pasta. The liquids aren’t left out of this adventure culinary ride … soft drink, fruit juices and the “A” drinks … all from the land of Hungary … the Blue Frankish (2012), the Gál Bull’s Blood (2009) and the worldwide known Tokaj wine will not be missing here,  the Tokaj Furmint (late grape harvest from 2011)  the originates from the famous vineyards of Tolcsva.

To make a reservation shot an a/mail to  beside the three course special menu connected to the event, three drinks will be offered as the gift from the house.

I bet many of those following this Newsfash became already hungry.

On Saturday, November, 23 find out why Budapest is called the „spa city” and how the  Hungaria Bath and Continental Hotel was rebuilt from the ruins to its present site.  It is in operation since 2010 for guests who not only stays at the hotel but having time for a short comfy splash as well.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter