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The 35th Traveling Exhibition at the Hungexpo  – Budapest

March, 1 -4.

This is why I love Budapest!

“A” pavilion, booth 212-213.

On the 2nd of March, during the late afternoon hours have been invited to the debut event at the Budapest’s booth whereas, famous sports athletes and sport ambassadors came along to join, be with us at signing their names and adding their own personal thoughts on a giant tableau  Mr. Zsolt Erdei, nickname: Madár = Bird, two-time box WC and Mr. Sándor Egervári, former Hungarian quarterback football player,at present  now-a-days the Hungarian national football team’s coach. Others prominent individuals also stepped up to the tableau to share, write their remarks.

Throughout the opening days of the exhibition, the huge plastic roll will be out on display and the visitors rolling by can take a stop and leave their own messages on the tableau, why they “LOVE BUDAPEST!

Budapest is not only the diversity in offering its cultural and architectural treasures. Not even due to its characteristics of the terrains and baths of hot mineral “floating gold”. The urban lifestyle, welcomes foreigners to be here and feel like home by the local people’s openness and creativity. The capital is visited by people with different reasons. There are who were born here, who are working here, and who have moved here, they all agree at least one thing, Budapest is the city that can not go unnoticed!

The Budapest tourist image of its logo was created last year. It had been brought to the Hungexpo, theTravel Exhibition  “undressed” empty, the gray contour on the giant tableau started to be filled-up with its contents of the thoughts of the visitors “THIS IS WHY I LOVE BUDAPEST”written in blue color. Anyone could stop and tell by writing  their own tail what is it that connects them to the Capital of Hungary.

Interesting to see and hear, one of the visitor recognised our WC boxer. I was just an arm distance from both of them. The lad was from Germany and he also flew as a bird seeing, meeting, speaking with the two-time World Champion Mr. Zsolt Erdei “Bird”, who played several occasions in Germany.  This German lad will surely remember his stay in Budapest and if not for anything else, which probably won’t be the case,  from now on he will be saying: I LOVE BUDAPEST!

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