Renovated Blaha Lujza Square became a Little Island in the Middle of Budapest.

Reconstructed Blaha Lujza Square - December 2022

On Friday, December,  9., the inauguration event took place whereas mayor of the capital city Gergely Karácsony said that, despite the rain, it was a beautiful day because the renovation of the square had been long overdue.

The renovation of the square took almost one-and-half years. At last for many locals in the capital the Square has become not for the eyes only but  also have a break during their time-off.  Has been created a small grove with  8 healthy old and 80 newly planted trees and with ornamental plants has been completed. The neighborhood will be greener and microclimate. It has been grafted into a new floor covering. An artificial frame soil was created, which is designed to help the root system of the trees surrounded by the wood stack grid. Trees planted in artificial framework soil, i.e. with the Stockholm Tree Planting System, grow faster, and due to their better living conditions, they become bigger, more beautiful and healthier than their counterparts planted in compacted subsoil. The selected shrub species reinforce the grove-like nature of the renewed space with their diverse leaf shape and color. A complete soil replacement was carried out, which was necessary because there is a dense layer of silt under the surface of Blaha Lujza Square, which was created during the demolition of the former National Theater and consists of World War II debris. Due to the increasing traffic during peak hours, the more resistant trees were planted alongside on the Nagykörút (Grand Blvd.) and Rákóczi (Rd.). The 1000 square meters of green space and water features will enhance the livability of the area and improve its microclimate. Also small-sized sculptures were placed, which refer to the National Theater that once stood there and depict theater scenes. Not only will be a remind by many elder theater lovers who once entered the living theater, cause the same color public seats as once in the theater of burgundy-color and tables will surely ring the bell of the former seats at the National Theater. (The old national theater was built between 1872 and 1875. It was demolished in 1964. To this day, many reasons have come to light, but no one knows the real reason.) On the spot the outline of the demolished building can be seen in the cladding.

In the days of hustle and bustle, it will be worthwhile to sit down and watch the World Go By!

Riport by Aggie Reiter

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