As September Arrives, the Coop Rally Hit the Road

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September 7-8, 2022

The press conference was earlier held by Dr. István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, László Pekó, Chairman of the Board of CO-OP Hungary Ltd., László Fábián, Secretary General of the Hungarian Olympic Committee – MOB, Géza Tóth, CEO of CO-OP Hungary Ltd.

It was said, among other things, that Coop, which operates 2,300 stores in 1,450 settlements in the country and supplies another 2,000 convenience stores, provides a living for 20,000 people, and serves one and a half million customers with fresh food every day, is committed to continuing the started developments despite the difficulties.

About the COOP Rally itself … The goal of the organizers is to call local entrepreneurs and support Hungarian products. Aim was to draw attention to the traditions and innovations of world-class domestic food production. Visited 8 leading food industry manufacturing and distribution companies and two COOP member companies. Within 80 cars started the COOP Rally and visited COOP customers at each station, they have had to perform different tasks at each stations the Eastern part of Hungary.

The XVI. COOP Rally members arrived at different locations and fulfilled tasks at the COOP stations every day:
Start day 1 / station 1: Lipóti Bakery Ltd. @ Hatvan
Day 1 / Station 2: CO-OP Star Ltd. – Coop Super Plus Store @ Recsk
Day 1 / Station 3: Unió Coop Ltd. – Coop ABC store @ Dédestapolcsány
Day 1 / Station 4: Juhászvin – Juhászwine Ltd. @ Egerszalók
Day 2 / Station 1: Nagyhegyes Meat Ltd. @ Hajdúszoboszló
Day 2 / Station 2: Master Good Ltd. @ Kisvárda
Day 2 / Station 3: Ave mineral water Ltd. @ Debrecen
Day 2 / Day 4 station: Alföldi Milk Ltd. @ Debrecen
Target point: Hotel Délibáb @ Hajdúszoboszló

The 16th COOP Rally was won by the team of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Ltd., and the special prize of the Ministry of Agriculture was handed over to the team of Master Good Ltd.

Snaps were taken at the media gathering earlier before the Coop-Rally took place.

Riport and snaps Aggie Reiter

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