Premium Harvest of the Pajzos Vineyards – Buda Castle Wine Festival @ Budapest 2022

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One of the wines met and tasted at the Buda Castle Wine Festival was from Pajzos Cellar and I don’t want to sound biased, but before headed to the background of the winery, I highly recommend the late harvest wine made from sun-kissed grapes.

Many may already know and tasted the King of the Wines made in the Tokaj Wine Region or already have not experienced the Pajzos wines then at the festival go for it, taste another excellent wine from the world-famous region. The wines made in the Tokaj Wine Region are characterized by a unique minerals. The wines with a nice acid structure go perfectly with the dishes of international and Hungarian cuisine. The Pajzos product line includes dry, late-harvest, and asu wines.

At the Buda Castle Wine festival roll over to the Pajzos Cellar exhibitor number 8.

Find out how the Pajzos wines trigger your taste enjoy the grapes ripened in the summer sun. Also can be purchased, available in bottles at the festival.

The history of Pajzos wine in a nutshell, ” The Cellar was founded in 1992 by 12 investors. The current owner, agricultural engineer Jean-Louis Laborde, was only a background presence in the life of the winery until 1997, in which he acquired a majority share in 2000. At that time, on his initiative, the Pajzos vineyard was replanted, thus ensuring optimal grape cultivation. Since then, Pajzos wines have found a place on the dinner table in many countries of the world,, also at the excellent prestige restaurants, as well as at exclusive gala dinners, thus enhancing the reputation of the Tokaj Wine Region and Tokaj wines. The wines of the Pajzos product family are made from the premium harvest of the Pajzos vineyards in Bodrogolas and the Megyer vineyards in Sárospatak. The winery makes these wines according to Tokaj traditions with careful viticultural and oenological work, aging in barrels, and also in a reductive version according to modern winemaking procedures.

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