VI. Zsolnay Light Festival – Pécs – Hungary

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For four days come around … get around  to Pécs the capital of light in the world.  

July 7–10. 2022.

The country’s first and only light festival is expected to attract 100,000 visitors and the organizers are preparing about 120 programs. World-renowned light artists present the most exciting pieces of their work to visitors, who can also try curiosities such as playing tennis with light, making light graffiti and diving into the ocean of light – all for free! We won’t believe our eyes this year either! The city center of Pécs will become a world of fantasy, with dazzling sights in a total of 19 locations, which form the Way of Light:
He has toured the world’s largest light festivals in recent years, and now the huge, immersive work of the English Squidsoup team, Submergence, is arriving at the Árkád Pécs Shopping Center. The audience can walk into the work while being completely surrounded by the dynamic light installation. With more than 5,000 highlights, the work evokes a sense of immersion in the ocean.
On the 25th anniversary of Victor Vasarely death, two works will be paid tribute to his work  –  the world-famous native of Pécs. Contemplating Vasarely’s pictorial world, Janus Pannonius “weaves a carpet of light.” students of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs. Another work will be Vasarely-inspired interactive woodcut opposite the Csontváry Museum. The Zsolnay family had a tennis court built in the Barbican Trench at the beginning of the 20th century, this year it was rebuilt … come to life where visitors can play tennis matches using light. Waterlight Graffiti, an interactive work by Antonin Fourneau from France, arrives in Kossuth Square. Here, on an eight-meter-wide LED wall, we can create light graffiti using water.
Light painting will shine on the iconic squares and buildings of Pécs, such as the Jami, Jókai Square or the National Theater – Pécs, but new venues such as the playground of the new Pécs Fair Hall or the Arcade Park will also receive a light robe, which will shine in UV colors.
Whether feel hungry for even more experience can look forward to Path of Light Extra, whose special venues and exclusive programs to visit.

With the armband purchased on the spot can visit the venues, price 1500HUF , available at any stops at the festival.

Detailed program description:

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