World Poetry Day – Pay for a coffee with a poem!


Julius Meinl coffee and tea premium quality since 1862.

Tuesday, April, 20. 2022.

Inspiring Poetry Day is held since the middle of the 19th century. To-day the world consumes 16000 cups of coffee/second, so it’s no wonder the dedication to have a separate day/time to celebrate coffee culture.

Therefore, ain’t necessary to reinvent the sealing-wax. Yet to-day dozen-and-dozen of countries around the world celebrate the World Poetry Day. The annual celebration coming around in Springtime.

The Ambassador of Viennese café culture: Julius Meinl! According to the “Pay by Poem” initiative, you can pay for coffee with a line of poem written on a piece of paper in the participating coffee houses. The title compared to last year has changed a bit when we bought coffee at any Julius Meinl café or patisserie for money during a campaign called “Say Hello,” then received a coupon  for a next coffee that provided a free coffee to hand over to our friend. The free coupon can be used until Tuesday, May, 31. 2022.

Mind you, you don’t have to be a poet … everyone is a poet in their own way… give it a try … go for it … and maybe be surprised to see, reveal, the secret as to be a poet inside of you

Below are couple of the Julius Meinl’s “Say Thank You” coffee houses which launched the campaign…

Café Gerbeaud (Opened by Henrik Kugler in 1858, which is one of the most beautiful café in the middle of Downtown – Budapest)


Snap owner: Gerbeaud

Also @  Budapest … Aria Hotel …  The Ritz-Carlton … Katona József Theater buffet (All Downtown area).

Update by Aggie Reiter

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