“The Real thing is the Domestic” – slogan 2022 campaign for Hungarian Products!

“Real thing is the domestic” is the slogan of the 2022 campaign series of the Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. It aims to spread a message about domestically sourced, controlled, reliable products to a wider range of consumers, helping them make informed purchases.

According to the latest statistics the integrated campaign for the real domestic products, almost 5000 products from 210 companies are entitled to use the Hungarian Product trademarks.

The press gathering was held by Eszter Benedek, Managing Director of Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd., Márk Maczelka, Head of Communications at SPAR Hungary Trade Ltd. and Éva Kulich, Head of Sales and Marketing at “Haladás” Agricultural Ltd.

Eszter Benedek reminded that during the period of the coronavirus epidemic, the importance of domestically produced products became especially important, and consumers were more conscious than ever looking for these products. In order to protect the Hungarian economy, domestic producers launched the “protect domestic product” campaign in March 2020, which was embraced by many people and became a real movement. In order to join it, was the only the condition as to have products made in Hungary.

Márk Maczelka, the communications manager of SPAR Hungary Trade Ltd. SPAR Hungary has always been in favor of domestic producers and products, which is also an important part of its overall sustainability concept. As a trademark user, GoldenBurg = golden potato is one of the first in the unprocessed food category. Was told,that their company helps Hungarian manufacturers to become suppliers and increase the volume of their sales in several ways. With the Hungaricool by SPAR product competition, they prefer Hungarian products that are newly developed or even more widely known. Starting last summer, the high-quality, traditional flavors of the “THE LOVE for HOMELAND” product line have been on their shelves. A regional partnership program has been set up for Hungarian small producers and small businesses.

Eva Kulich, head of sales and marketing at “Haladás” Agricultural Ltd., provided information on their latest consumer research in February. As he said, GoldenBurg, the brand of “Haladás” Agricultural Ltd. is a very young brand, barely 3 years old, which is why the results of the research are appreciated.
In a product category that is not otherwise branded, the GoldenBurg brand achieved 37% brand awareness.  She also highlightes that the data of the representative customer survey of 600 people also showed that it is of value to us to be a trademark user: 80% of the buyers of GoldenBurg potatoes prefer the trademarks of the Hungarian Product in their customer decisions.”
The “Haladás” Agricultural Ltd at Dunaegyházi. are in addition to growing feed corn, rapeseed and carrots, it has been a major player in the table potato market for more than 50 years. They harvests 10,000 tons of potatoes on an annual average of nearly 350 hectares. It serves their trading partners all year round with soft and packaged potatoes, including Goldenburg and S-Budget.

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