Herald News: “We Are Growing Up Tonight” @ Central Theater – Budapest 2022

Runtime: 2.20 minutes

Central Theater – Budapest – District, VI., 18. Révai Street

Directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward

After the London premiere, this is the second in the world to see the latest production of the legendary Mischief Company’s play @ Budapest’s Central Theater.

On March, 5, 2022., was domestic premiere of the highly successful comedy by the Hungarian creative team. The irresistibly amusing work of the Mischief Theater was presented to the audience in a replica performance, directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward – We Fail Tonight. The play is in Hungarian language.

Even though the play has been written in 1994 can be traced of to-day’s happenings about kids age 6 to 30, a band of classmates. They quarrel and play, but they rarely test the assumption that their character is formed in childhood. The authors of the piece, Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields, collected seemingly absurd yet real-life situations and conversations. The piece was translated by György Baráthy.

The comedy takes the audience on a journey through the lives of kids, their kindergarten experience within five characters rolling in timeline off to their high school experience, thereafter a few years later following them at high school reunion experiences.

In a nutshell …The comedy takes the audience on a journey through the lives of 5 kids met in the kindergarten in 1994. Friendships are formed and there personalities begins to develop. By the time they reach their teenage years and see them again, their characters have slightly changed. In their teens the hormones and ambitions had pushed their characters in different stage. As they gathered again their adult years are much different when they were children … Or either not really?

The actors brilliant young talents : Moon – Eszter Földes, Spencer – Zoltán Schmied, Katie – Katalin Ágoston, Archie – Tibor Fehér, Simon – András Mészáros, Paul – Mr. Whit, Miss Murry & Chemise Murry – Nóra Trógán.

The play is also special because the actors play their same role as young children, teenagers and adults in their thirties. The fabulous cast is loading up the stage with gags and the audience continuously breaks out with hilarious laughter and big applaud.

Probably many even have their own childhood in mind to sympathize with the characters – for many to recall this-and-that.

Snap from the Central Theater

Riport by Aggie Reiter

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