Edward Albee: “Three Tall Women” – running now @ Bethlen Square Theater – Budapest

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Premier – 7 p.m. Friday, February, 4. 2022.

District, VII., 3. Bethlen Gábor Square – Budapest

Three women in one-to-one life stages or one woman in three life stages?

The play is only in Hungarian language!

The play will be staged in Hungary through THEATRUM MUNDI Theater and Literary Agency. Director: Csaba Jantyikm, Translator: Gabriella Prekop, Costume set: Johanna Kupi, Director: Dóra Majláth, Production manager: Dávid Putz.

It’s not exactly a light play, but most people will identify with some aspect of it and it definitely provides food for thought.

Once again the Bethlen Theater has tackled a serious and demanding play, that by turns acerbic, anguished and sarcastically funny.  Barbara Hegyi as old woman known to us only as the №1 aged 92 lays bare her inner life in sometimes shocking detail to the other two  …  Virág Marjai the  52-year old caregiver identified only as №2  and Enikő Nagy a young legal professional as №3 26-year-old version.  In the play, three women of different ages talk about their lives and their relationships with their families. Gradually it emerges that they may all be the same woman. But it’s certainly an interesting play, showing how perspective changes as life goes on, and what life does to people. The drama profound meditation on aging, death and the very nature of the self as conversation becomes a sort of cat-and-mouse game involving memories and experiences. Who knew what when, or should have been? Which selves are dishonest and denying and which self-aware, and who are we really, and how do we become who we are? Barbara Hegyi – №1 gave a splendid, sustained performance, being both hilarious and tragic, capturing both the pleasures and torment of the character. Her empathy and focus were critical and absolutely will be holding the audience’s rapt attention. What a production! … The language is striking, the characters true to life, and the observation so accurate that this is truly a deeply moving piece of theater. It is not a poetic question, however … “Let’s play it so we know our fate in advance is!? When is it best when we’re past it, when we’re in the middle of it, or when it’s all still ahead of us?” The world premiere of “Three Tall Women” was at the English Theater in Vienna in June 1991, directed by producer Franz Schafranek. The creator of the first U.S. production is River Arts, Woodstock, New York, theater director: Lawrence Sacharow. The play was performed at the Vineyard Theater in New York City. The Vineyard Theater production was shown on Off-Broadway by Elizabeth I. McCann, Jeffrey Ash and Daryl Roth in collaboration with Leavitt / Fox / Mages at the Promenade Theater in New York City.

Overall, the Three Tall Women was a great production, showcasing some really wonderful performances highly recommend having a look.

Tickets available on the spot.

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