Premiere … Symptom (Tünet) Ensemble „Nothing Personal” Performance.


District II., 1-3 Jurányi Street – Budapest

In the coming month, on February, 25 and 26, 2022, the Jurányi Theater House will show approx. Celebrating its 20th Birthday, Symptom Ensemble has a new performance, Nothing Personal. This time, Réka Szabó, the world-famous director, deals with the topic of burnout with her film The Euphoria of Existence. The storytelling method of Ildikó Boldizsár provided inspiration for the trial process. Ildikó Boldizsár, use a storytelling researcher and the therapeutic method she developed to tour their stories in order to create their own tales and fairy-tale heros. In the play, Réka Szabó, Krisztián Peer and Dániel Szász create their own tales and their own fairytale heros who face their own inner demons. The composer-cellist Albert Márkos creates a sensitive musical medium for the story. The Symptom Ensemble recommends the performance in memory of Attila Szirtes.

Director: Réka Szabó
Performers and co-creators: Krisztián Peer, Réka Szabó, Dániel Szász
Composer, musician: Albert Márkos.

Tünet Ensemble has been an independent company operating in contemporary dance and theater since 2002. Their performances are at once thought-provoking, dramatic, childishly liberated and liberating. The company knows no genre boundaries, treating text, movement, music, visuals and special technical solutions as equal elements.

Ticket on the spot.

Sponsor: Ministry of Human Resources, Jurányi Production Community Incubator House

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