Neil Labute: FAT PIG – Karinthy Theater – Budapest

fat pig

Karinthy Theater – New Grand Stage
District, XI., 130 Bartók Béla Road – Budapest.

Tickets available on the spot.

The comedy of the Year … January, 28. 2022.  7 p.m. comedy 2 Part at the Karinthy Theater in collaboration with Budapest Playhouse (Budapest Playhouse is one of the newest independent production workshops in Hungary, founded by director and visual designer Árpád Iványi and actor Barnabás Réti who both dreamed up this play in the style of a modern theater of international standards.

The famous satirical comedy of the celebrated American author and screenwriter Neil LaBute will be presented to the Hungarian audience for the first time at the Karinthy Theater – Budapest. Neil LaBute’s satire revolves around the question of the beauty ideal of the modern age, in light of how important appearances are to success and recognition and how compelled one is to change oneself to succeed.

Main protagonist Andrea Balázs, who plays the title role, will appear as a real femme fatale, twisting the men’s heads. Also staring Tibor Pásztor, Szilvia Lilla Tóth, Barnabás Réti.

The famous satirical comedy of the celebrated American author and screenwriter, FAT PIG (Fat Pig), will be staged in Hungary for the first time. The performance is courtesy of the original copyright holder of the work, with the assistance of the Theatrum Mundi Theater and Literary Agency. Most recently, it was made into a contemporary opera which is now being performed in New York!

The original premier of Neil LaBute’s satire was held on Off-Broadway in 2004 and the piece was nominated for an Olivier Award in the Best Comedy category.

The FAT PIG (Fat Pig) one of the protagonists is Tom, an emerging employee of a large company who, by chance, gets to know the free-spirited and insanely funny Helen, who is very different from the current ideal of beauty due to her rather plus size figure. Still, Tom has tender feelings for him, but as their relationship deepens, the jokes and secrets at work about Helen’s make-up are increasingly repeating their lives and putting Tom’s faith and loyalty to the test. The piece is a satire of success-oriented, outward-looking society and relationships today. Raises a number of important questions such as … where is our own happiness compared to what we want to show others? How much do we embrace what our environment tells us about? Can our faith in ourselves be maintained? How does our physical appearance affect our lives? Overall …To this day, it’s a love story that is extremely provocative, thought-provoking and fun at the same time, society today is like that, we laugh, we pay off and we don’t feel how many wounds we’ve inflicted on others.

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