Part 2. Eye of the Sea – TengerSzem @ Zánka – Uplands Lake Balaton

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Q.: What does the riding school stand for at the Eye of the Sea – TengerSzem?

A.: The stable consists of 18 boxes, 12 horses, now having 2 foals. For beginners to ride we can also arrange a little bigger tarpaulin, friendly good nature. The horses are 80-180 cm high, depending on their size, from ponies to sport horses. We have 2 sport horses, the gray color called Coral, the black color called Rina. For the smaller kids are the pony ride and riders with more serious needs are also allowed to go for sporty horses.

The English monarchy is also with us because we named one of our sport horse Prince Philip. One of my daughter has already passed the equestrian instructor exam. She is an expert in the field.

Q.: Do you have a day ticket for riding? How does it work?

A.: Yes, there is a fee for riding for the started class, and you can get up directly from their area to the nearby uplands. You can also ride around for an hour or two. The rider does not encounter any asphalt road.

Q How did the locals in the area receive this place?

A.: We opened a month ago. So far, the feedback is very good. It’s a little different from what we offer because here it is related to food, drink, horses, accomodation, sauna, leasure and pleasure.

Q.: Our offer, such as beer, is a bit reminiscent of Budapest, with 2 types of handcrafted draft beer on the tap from MONYO brewery.  Made in Italy coffee specialties. Locally made tasting snacks and veggies delights.

A.: We strive to provide our guests with quality goods. In the wine offer, we introduced our guests to
the wines and juices of the local
Táncos Cellar, which is already well known to the locals. We try to provide the best qualities in our offer to our guests. We have not invention the Spanish wax … nothing new invented, we are just trying to provide the best.

Q.: What are the future plans @ Eye of the Sea?

A.: Actually, next year we will start the season completely, in the meantime will try to make the rooms even more comfortable with equipped with air conditioning. Plans for a smaller conference room to fit about 20 people. I want to take the kitchen to a slightly higher level than it is now. The facilities, the natural environment and being a little away from everything in the central settlement should provide real relaxation. We are planing for the future just like to-day on stage so called “unplug” style concert. This evening on stage the BlueStone band gave a concert and “standup comedian” Péter Aranyosi entertained the guests. We keep in mind of smaller team-building meetings, Birthday celebrations and friends gathering and hanging out.

Q.: What other programs are coming up?

A.: In addition to riding I also want to hold other events. The Lake Balaton itself is popular among Hungarians  and  alike to the foreigners. So far, there is nothing like this … all in one … on the shores of Lake Balaton! Planing to hold film club event for 3 weekends coming  up in August. By mid-July, there will be kive unplug concerts on stage.

Q.: So overall, is this a-kind-of hiding place?

A.: Here you can let go, get rid of that urban hassle and stress of the everyday life and simply relax. I would like to draw attention to anesthetize 100 people, cause here is to be for friends and family togetherness. Actually, as said it is a dog-friendly and horse-friendly place, but of course there are also couples welcomed who are happy to enloose, visit us without dogs and horses.

Q.: How are they doing in terms of bookings?

A: Since the opening last month, who has been visiting for a while has liked the environment already made reservations  soon to come again. Anyone who has been here once have immediately book accommodation with us for another date. Now-a-days, it is quite difficult to rent rooms, because of the Pandemia many service have closed for good and we strive to provide fill the gap. We plan to extend the season by opening next year from March to late fall – ending October.

The press presentation night ended with the awesome music played by the BlueStone band.

Riport by Aggie Reiter

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