Sympathy Beer Event MONYO Land @ Budapest

Saturday,  July, 10. 2021.

7 a.m. – 4.45 p.m.  

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In June 2021, we will finally open the gates of MONYO Land! It’s time to pull out the comfortable-durable festival shoe last year you’ve spared from the bottom of your closet and go outside and re-release the off steam to go in the open venue. MONYO Land is a real disney spot, huge dancing partying, sipping the mouthwatering nectar of numerous MONYO beers. Visitors are awaited to dance the night away while sipping, tasting many MONYO beers.

BUT …The sad news came within 15 days of opening, MONYO Land, the event permit was challenged on the grounds of an irregularity in the level of sound emissions by a group of seventeen local residents, as a result of which the municipality suspended the permit. According to this, we cannot organize music and dance events on the spot, their appeal will be decided in the second instance by the Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest. In the course of our operation so far, we have carried out certified sound measurements on several occasions, documenting that we have complied with the limit value prescribed by the law on sound emissions, so the accusation against us is not valid.

MONYO Land organizers will inform about further developments, the possibility of holding concerts, the change of dates and the possibilities of redeeming tickets.

“We are still receiving hundreds of comments and messages on posts on social media in recent days, and we have been reassured of their support, which means a lot to us. In response to many requests – and not to be empty MONYO Land without concerts – on this coming Saturday night we will organize a sympathy beer from 4 p.m. for all those for whom we have become a matter of the heart during this short time, as well as for all those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit MONYO Land being in line for craft beers and enjoying open air nights out . We are planning a loose, casual brasserie-chat evening where there will be no differences within our VIP terraces, so will be open to everyone, without distinctive armbands.”

Update by Aggie Reiter

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