“Tutankhamun’s Treasures and Mysteries” – Book Signing @ Budapest

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The Egyptian  well known Mr. Zahi Hawass, Professor of Archeology – Egyptologist  held a book signing of  his latest, “Tutankhamun’s treasures and mysteries”… subheading … from Howard Carter to DNA., at the Paris Court of Budapest Hotel on the occasion of Hungary’s first official publication of the album. Over two hundred people were curiously waiting to see him in person on the occasion of book signing  which was Hungary’s first official publication of the book. Upon arrival the world-famous archeology professor was greeted with great enthusiasm by lovers of the history of Egypt’s mysteries of mummies.

By its weight is a heavy album which contains a huge historical overview of “our long forgotten past.” The album takes its readers along the sophisticated paths of scientific research and legend in a captivating high-quality compilation. The weight of the book is less than the contents therein.  He believes that Egyptian culture belongs to everyone. It is not only for tourists, but also for all those who help to raise awareness and protect the Egyptian treasures of the World Heritage.

The professor of archeology also presents the results of his new research over the past two years. In his view, the current exploration is significant because it is the first time an ancient “industrial site” has been explored. 30 workshops, ancient warehouse buildings, and many 3500-year-old ceramic items were brought to light by the professor.

According to Hawass he is convinced that the best of the Eastern European Egyptologists come from Hungary, including László Kákossy. As he said, there was only one mistake he committed being once persuaded to buy something antique, which was not later known not to be… he said with a wide smile on his face.

Last but not least the professor stated:

“I will find Cleopatra’s tomb … To show the World!”

Well hope and wishing him success!

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