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In the late morning hours TITAN Containers – Hungary held a press meeting with invited media representatives and public to its warehouse introducing the plant and the latest developments of the TITAN containers. The venue was at the Strata Business Park between Tatabánya at Vértesszőlős, cca. 50 kms from Budapest on the M1 motorway.

The officially participants at the Strata Business Park were Investum Ltd., János Locher Managing Director, TITAN Containers A / S, Anja Maria Plampin (UK), TITAN Containers A / S Hungary branch, Zsolt Paulik country manager, Csaba Nagy – Mayor of Vértesszőlő.

It was stated by the TITAN Containers branch manager Zsolt Paulik, the TITAN containers has already  four  similar  plants already and shortly, this year they will open the 5th based at City of Dunaharaszti. The unit has 51 containers but can be expanded to 200 containers. So far the TITAN Containers has been invested 800 million HUF in its self-storage bases in Hungary. The cost of the space close to 400 million HUF after expanded. The storage and hire fee are based on the monthly cost which depend on the square meter size of the TITAN container and determine personally on individual in need. Self Storage containers … Many people have objects, tools etc. which they keep for time being, to be in use later on, but as this goes around the clock, soon not enough space for the gadget. Making those summer and winter storage months much easier without the pain to get rid of something and avoid to deal with those stressful hours.  People will reach more secure storage space with the selection of containers of various sizes. It would be just as having an own second garage. Office Storage containers … There are many reasons why business needs space, personal possessions, such as  to store equipment, file, stocks or a meeting room for that last-minute appointment. On the spot there are experts in providing tailor made solutions for requirements. Accommodation containers … Placing home furniture into storage is really handy especially in times when do not know where to place the home belongings,  moving home, redecorating, renovating or simply looking to free up some space. Refrigerated containers … For shopping centers are also recommended for storing goods. Refrigerated containers/cold stores/cold rooms. The plant has many more options to tailor the customers need.

Individuals, companies renting these containers can come-and-go anytime of the day. The plant offer 24-hour access, seven days a week with fully-alarmed rooms for added security, with the further reassurance of CCTV monitoring.  Access is free, no additional cost. Anyway, worthwhile in advance to view the opening hours.  Rent or buy, either way always get best value for money with TITAN containers.

TITAN Containers A/S, Anja Maria Plampin (UK) spoken  about the beginning of the establishment.  Saying, the TITAN Containers is a family-owned investment company based in Denmark.  Her father in UK and mother in Denmark previously worked in the container field. It didn’t take long before they got married and continued to build their project – TITAN containers together. The Titan name came from her mother’s favorite horse Called Titan. They knew the titanium is precious metal. These containers are not made of Tianium, but well fit to be name of the characteristic force it holds.  Also spoke about the foundation by her father Layland Barker in 1987. Since then TITAN has become perhaps the largest privately owned company supplying shipping and storage containers for a vast multitude of applications. TITAN’s initial goal was to pass on the advantages of high volume with providing end-users with top quality containers and services always with competitive pricing. Today, more than 30 years later, TITAN maintain the same targets, operate six brands and is able to offer worldwide services with a network that is possibly the one of best in the market place.

The Investum Ltd. plans to develop further more similar plants in the future, customized industrial and commercial buildings in the Strait Business Park said by János Locher Managing Director – Investum Ltd.

Were examples what these containers are also good for, e.g. … People having interesting hobbies and need to be stored and also for young entrepreneurs realize their dreams may come true  to have a place  for (bands rehearsals). Also how students get frustrating and time consuming at the end of each term. becoming more location independent with time spent on placement, at home or abroad. The need to be flexible is never more apparent. To help the student needs. Titan offers storage areas ranging from a large locker that can take a couple of suitcases, up to our smallest storeroom to help them store clothing, books, sports equipment and personal items.

The TITAN containers are around the four corners of the Earth and expanding e.g. … Europe, Australia, NZ, USA, U.K. Asia, Middle East.

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