Coming up – Leap Day of the Year, but for Wine Lover Not to Escape!

Badacsony cellars hidden treasures are once again coming to Budapest! 

District, VII., 9-11 Erzsébet Boulevard – Budapest

New York Palace will be more than just a tourist attraction …  the Badacsony cellars from Lake Balaton will host the region wines on  Saturday, February, 29.  2020. – Rome Hall – Budapest.

This year the Badacsony Wine Region members are celebrating their 10th year anniversary. It is a ONE DAY event!  Interested in region’s wine tasting, mark the date on your must visit list whilst visiting – staying in Budapest.

As said … This is the leap day of the year, but wine lover is not to escape. At the venue bring feast for the eyeswines to ease the thirst!

Folks should not miss this experience … their jaws will fall off seeing the sophisticated architectural. In addition in admiring the interior architecture, the best opportunity is to connect it, also to get acquainted with the wines of the Lake Balaton Badacsony region, which are presented by their own winemakers. The tasting wines are pre-classified by a committee of winemakers and external experts during a blind tasting. Thanks to this, the public can really taste the wonders that are born exclusively in the Badacsony Wine Region, where basalt, sandstone, and Lake Balaton lend different but unique features to the wine.

Just as in the previous years, it is a one day event, jointly organized with the Badacsony Guild Tourism Association.
Badacsony wineries are open year around, but on this day it will be a full „wine touring program” in Budapest with around 50 exhibitors awaiting visitors who can sample more than 140 wines from nearly 40 wineries. At the event, visitors will find the volcanic classic tastes and also just interested, open to new flavors.

The exhibitors’ list is not published yet.

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