Nicola Biasi – Wine Specialist – World Italian Gastronomy Week @ Budapest

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Wine is as important element to “lo Stivale ” national identity and culture as pasta, pizza, or the cats of Rome!

Biasi was invited as a wine specialist to Budapest to hold a presentation of wines that speak of Italy during  the World Italian Gastronomy Week – Budapest. This took place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel – Budapest.

Nicola Biasi (born: 1981 – Cormons – Italy)  –  wine specialist life started as born in the Biasi family own land in the Val di Non that is situated at some 1000 meter above sea level.  There the young enologist convinced his parents to allow him to plant a vineyard of around a hectare on their venue. Member of  AEEI, winemaker consultant at home and abroad, director of Wine Research Team.

Before going on to the wine tasting Biasi talked about Italian – Vineyards – Wines and highlighted as the most versatile wine producer in the world. Italian wine association exist since 1891. More than 4000 wine experts … HQ’s in Milan … 16 regional offices. Wines produced in Italy for more than 400 years, the “Boot country” has the perfect environmental and climatic conditions for wine production. Italy is rich in vineyards, four hundred or more wine grape varieties on the Peninsula Hall.  Italian wines continue leaving  the country. More than 225 million bottles of Italian wine cross the border each year. Two thirds of Italian wines are either Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) or Protected Geographical Indication (IGP). Both signs promise excellent quality. The difference between the two is a nuance. IGP – this certificate certifies that at least a certain part of the production and production took place in the wine region. DOP – certifies that all production took place in a strictly defined area.

Talked about the road that lead him to be wine specialist, mentioning his studies and traveling experiences gain abroad … Studied at the Paolino d’Aquileia Agricultural Institute in Cividale del Friuli while working for Jermann in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. For five years he was an assistant winemaker at Collio Zuani, a company owned by the Felluga family, and after moving to Victorian Alps di Gapsted in Australia in 2006, he moved to Castellina in Chianti and moved to Marchesi Mazzei, moving closer to Sangiovese wine making. In 2007, he moved to South Africa, Bouchard Finalyson Winery in Walker Bay, where he could deepen his knowledge of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Since May 2007 he has been director of San Polo in Montalcino and Poggio al Tesoro in Bolgheri, owned by the Allegrini family. The most recent challenge began in 2012 with the Vin del la NEU project, which aims at cutting-edge organic farming: a Johanniter vineyard in the Dolomites, created through a new, authorized crossing using environmentally friendly methods. As a result of this project, he was awarded the 2015 Next in Wine Competition, a new talent award from Vigna Italia, presented by Simonit & Sirch Preparatori d’Uva e Bibenda.

After his Allegrini experience, worked as a winemaker in Tuscany, Friuli, Veneto. In addition, he coordinates the Wine Research Group, which includes over 38 Italian and foreign wineries under the leadership of Cotarella and Scienza in innovation and scientific sustainability, both in the viticulture and wine making sectors.

Biasi in between a/m in summaring Italy’s place in the world of wines, his whereabouts, continued introducing each-and-every one of the wines, talked about regions unique specialty, highlighted the area which are not comparable to vineyards in other regions.

Undoubtedly, Italy has a diverse wine culture, producing world-class Old World wines that stand up to some of the best wines in the world. Nicola Biasi introduced in tasting ten selected wines were from North-to-South vineyard regions of Italy.

Italy’s wines characterized the regions with its flagship styles and famous for producing top quality wines. As to the sip the wines, were simply strong-tasting with powerful rich in flavors, each had a taste of the region’s summer closed in the bottle.  Have had experience to discriminated sense of taste and smell.  Whether fond of white or red wine, its up to the winelover’s to make their choice of wines. View the list of the tasted 10 wines in the slideshow.

Hungarians say “a sip of pálinka – in the morning with an empty stomach keeps the doctors away and is the secret to a healthy long life. Some other country  may say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but folks living in the Boot Country say “a glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away.”

It’s your choose which recipe prefer!

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