Tutenkamon’s Glitering Gold & the Mummies Society waiting for visitors @ Budapest 2019.

Tutankhamun’s mystery and the treasures of the Golden Pharaoh @  COMPLEX Event Center

 District, VI., 26. Király Street – Budapest

The exhibition will be open for the public  from November, 8.  2019. – ends on March, 1. 2020. 

On Thursday, November, 8., the exhibition opened  for invited visitors to get the feeling of what the Egyptian archaeologist Howard Carter – the explorer felt 98 years ago when he entered Tutankhamun’s tomb having first sight with his flickering candlelight at these breathtaking items.  Howard Carter searched obsessively  and found the tomb in 1922. Tutankhamun’s tomb that was much smaller than the rest of the Pharaoh’s tombs in the Valley of the Kings. It was probably not originally built for the young Pharaoh, who died at the age of 18 or 19, but for another senior person close to the courtyard. The building consists of a single corridor, a foreground, an ornate tomb with two side chambers. The exhibition is perfectly named as the “king of exhibitions”  which holds the experience of what archaeologists felt as entering into the tomb of what was unexpected.

On this special occasion along the  invited guests the archaeologist Zahi Hawass was present who recently with his research team also uncovered a tomb, which is very similar to the entrance of Pharaoh Tutankhamun discovered in 1922 in Luxor’s famous tomb entrance.

Probably not on my own by saying, the life-size authentic reconstruction of over a thousand artefacts and the scenery which is beyond the unexpected experience of the ancient time with over a thousand replicas of the mysterious world of Egypt and scenery giving a vision of what was prepared for this young Pharaoh at the age 18 or 19 afterlife. Tunenkhamun became famous because his resting place was not found by the grave robbers, so the Pharaoh’s mummy and the treasures buried with him remained for posterity.

Going through the corridors at the exhibition, there is a lot of written information about the ancient era, objects closed in time capsule, veiwing breathtaking treasures and naturally about the youngest Pharaoh of Egypt.

Locals and foreigners staying, working in Hungary  also tourist from around the world may have a peck into this awesome exhibition brought to Budapest by the JVS Group.  The JVS Group,  already presented previously:  the Titanic, the BODY, the Inca Gold and the Mummies of the World and this is their 5th exhibition held at the same place at the Komplex Event Center- Budapest.

Placing a fullstop here … There’s a lot to tell, but then what’s left for visitors to discover!

For ticket information log onto: https://www.eventim.hu/en/tickets/tutanhamon-rejtelye-es-kincsei-kiallitas-budapest-komplex-1154272/performance.html?

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