“My Favorite Pharmacy” – Result Announcement @ Budapest 2019


The result was upon the selection and voting based on the observations and favorites of the patients attending throughout Hungary’s pharmacies.

In “My Favorite Pharmacy” competition of 2019, the  1st.  was St. Catherine’s Pharmacy in KőbányaBudapest and Dr. Klaudia Juhász  the pharmacist at Péterffy Hospital Pharmacy of the Year. This was announced at  the press conference at Hotel Sofitel – Budapest. The 2nd. in the pharmacy competition was Sas Pharmacy in Debrecen, and 3rd. the Mountainous Victoria Pharmacy 3rd. Among the pharmacists the 2nd prize was shared by Dr. Ekésné Kretovics Júlia  from Vecsés and Dr.  Csaba Miklós from Kőszeg  and the 3rd. Dr. Anna Gyermán from Debrecen.

Speakers at the press conference were: Gábor Torjai – Moderator  Director – Nero Solution, Dr. Lajos Hodossy –  Director of Roche Magyarország Kft .,  Dr. Bálint Mikola – President of the National Association of Private Pharmacists,   Dr. Spiránszki Henrikné – pharmacist – Sas Pharmacy in Debrecen and Dr. Klaudia Juhász – pharmacist – Péterffy Hospital, Budapest.

Dr. Klaudia Juhász said, that the pharmacists at the Péterffy Hospital- Budapest are involved within the inpatient care, working beside the bed. Continued by saying Q.: “Each new patient is interviewed with the attending physician,  and they put their daily dose of medication into the medication box instead of the nurse. Patient visit the doctor the next morning, and complete the prescribing process throughout their hospital stay. Patients who take home-made medicines are also stored on their behalf – or even medicated – by their name and given back to them when they leave. When they leave, they meet the patient because the doctor only gives the final report, but the pharmacist gives them the prescriptions and the medication information.  Definitely would advise that many hospitals in Hungary follow this example for the better  HeathCare  result and see which  medicines may  give side effects. The too much medicine will not heal the patient instead make it the worst.

Dr. Spiránszki Henrikné has honestly uncovered one problem that is not only a problem in Debrecen. Every two weeks have to serve free of charge, although there are only a few customers who bring their recipes before  the day before that their three month date expire.. However, they cannot do nothing about it, because  it is described in the employment contract to operate, serve on duty at any time, if not signed, agreed in advance  then there is no employment  to the pharmacist.

Dr Bálint Mikola spoke about the growing number of branch pharmacies persists in rural areas, because there is no one to open! The pharmacists are aging and are not replaced by new ones. The Internet prescribing is not the solution, because the capital is enough for all-night pharmacy, but not in the countryside so they want to get medicine. Another problem is that the doctors and medical hotlines do not have adequate amounts of drugs for emergency care, so it would be useless to a patient need it at night, in the absence of a pharmacy close to the patient can not be given. The general practitioner working conditions to ensure the maintenance of local government functions that are only a little sacrifice. Perhaps the creation of a new local governments are in a better partner!

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