MONYO brewery joint beer with Iván & The Parazol – Exotic Post Traumatic completed

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On April 5th at the KEG Brewery – Budapest, MONYO Brewering was officially introduced their latest beer co-operating with Ivan & The Parazol group. It was the new strawberry Brut Ale jointly prepared beer.

This was the latest flagship beer of the small beers of the MONYO Brewing and presenting the beer for the 4th album of Ivan & The Parazol group.

At the presentation and tasting was said by Antal Németh – brewing master MONYO CEO , Q.:“As a lover and consumer of beer specialties, the band has long been interested in some kind of co-operation with a brewer. MONYO Brewing has proved to be the best option for the group in many ways. Basically the group wanted to have an accompaniment around the record, that hangs along in use all the senses … music for the ear, clips and bottle photos for the eye, and the taste buds to be for their own beer. After a lot of common ideas, arose, and “surprize …surprize the Brut Ale came to be the winner. The Brut Ale, was the star in 2018. This brand new beer style originates from the west coast of the United States, exactly from San Fransisco. It  came to be the biggest bang during to the past years of beer for the misty and juicy east coast New England IPA’s. The name Brut Ale refers to the dryness of beer. Experiencing of various techniques and methods born a real dry ferment beer, and the final result born. It is mostly an Extra Brut Champagne, so you get the name from the style . Exotic Post Traumatic Brut Strawberry Ale has been made a total of 2000 litre, … can be reach on the tap and bottled form  and can be  traced throughout the country, and especially visiting rolling over to the MONYO Pub in Budapest.

The whole group took part in tasting, within the birth of the new taste beer said Iván from the group… added Q.: “The sparkling effect is also a reference to the cover of the new Parazol album. The album was also recorded on the west coast in the legendary EastWest studio in Los Angeles. To the special brew was added a huge amount of real strawberries (200kgs).  So, has a duality in it as it is in-and-on the vinyl record itself … in other words: sweet but sour, clear but not transparent, strong yet „lightweight” as  the way Exotic Post Traumatic is!”  Iván, added they had been involved in creating this common beer from start to the end also ranging from recipe to label.

By-the-way, MONYO Brewing have had already cooperation with the popular Quimby band. Previously, they had already brewed beer for the Bishop of Székesfehérvár, also for Ádám Bogdán – the goalkeeper of the Hungarian National Footy Team. Many may know about their premium-quality craft beer co-operation within the series of „Hungarian Terroir”, beer maturing in wine barrels and … so on.

Those in interest of the group’s latest album  may drop over to  the Aquarium Club – Budapest on Friday, May, 3. 2019.

Update  and snaps Aggie Reiter

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