LEGO® Cube Exhibition arrived from Poland to Budapest 2019.

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Hungarian Museum of Natural History

The exhibition officially opened to the public on Thursday, February, 28.  and will close on June, 16. 2019. 

 1083 District, VIII., 2. Ludovika Square – Budapest

Sit back relax, comfort yourself and enjoy the LEGO® – Cube models, thereafter lead your steps to the Hungarian Museum of Natural History @ Budapest to see it with your own two eyes. Walk through the paths of 7 million cubes! More than 100 large, spectacular model, 12 topics, 2000 square meters.The 7 million LEGO® cubes  were delivered  in 15 trucks to the scene.

The Hungarian Natural History Museum is not the “Giants Invasion” Exhibitor, it only provided space to be organized by WYSTAWA KLOCKÓW SP. z o.o.Sp.K.  At the opening Rafal Szymanski – Wystawa Klocków (PL), Magdolna Hudák Lajterné  – Hungarian Museum of Natural History, and  István Gálfi – Hungarian representative welcomed the media. The exhibition, regardless of the Hungarian Museum of Natural History opening hours is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day of the week. On March,15., as a National Holiday the exhibition is closed.

Tickets can be purchased at the exhibition’s own cash desk, in the exhibition area. Free to visit Cube Exhibition for children up to 95 cm. There is also play area to entertain the kids.

The “Giants Invasion” is Europe’s largest LEGO® cube exhibition. Showcasing: sport, culture, film and world-known fairy tale figures. Hundred large, spectacular mock-ups, 12 themes, 2000 square meters. The 7 million LEGO® cubes were delivered 15 trucks to the scene.

View the side-show not just read but see more to have more interest to visit the exhibition… Fairy Tales – A long time ago, behind seven mountains, behind seven forest was .. a land of fairy-tales. Ponies – My little Pony is popular from the animated series depicting the story of Twilight Sparkle. Titanic model is 200 cm long – When in 1911 the ship flowed majestically from the ramp, newspapers around the world hailed it as the biggest and finest passenger ship in the world and named it “the unsinkable one”. Unfortunately, the Titanic ended tragically, as many may know with 2 thousand passengers on April,11.1912. Opened a collision with icebergs on April, 14.1912. 11.40 p.m.The ship sank of over 2.5 hours. Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the most famous German composers. Can be seen body size brick statue. He was the main representative of the Baroque period, over 1000 outstanding works, including 100s of concert and 48 preludes.The grand eye-catching 1 million LEGO bricks is the “Air Force One” – The world’s largest airplane. The Boeing 747 aircraft, especially designed for the intern’l travels of the President of the US. It is 11 meters long, with 10 meters wingspan, height 3 meters. Built 1:7 scale. … Another brick in the wall … Aircraft carrier SHELD Helicarrier which is a fictional flying aircraft carrier of the defense agency S.H.I.E.L.D. appearing in published by Marvel Comics. The model is 5 meters long American comics. Iron Man figure made of 75 thousand bricks the standing little boy age 7 is 1.2meter high. Spiderman is not much shorter, built with 38 thousand bricks. Loveable angry birds will be the young kids favorite. Batman also join the LEGO® Cube Show. Sport legend Agnieszka Radwanska, best Polish tennis player, built from 40 thousand blocks in 1:1 scale. The height of the figure is 172 cm. Winner of the Dakar Rally – Rafat Sonik, six-time FIM WC winner, 5 times Polish champion in en duro rallies. Leonardo Da Vinci’s – Flying Machine: Famous Renaissentist painter and inventor tried to get up in the air by all means.

Also the visitors may Upgrade their Biology Studies: When we are born have nearly 300 Bones, Later, some of them grow up, so that an adult has 206 bones.An adult man has a total of 12kgs. and a woman cca. 10kgs. The longest bone in the human body is the femur, can reach up to 1/2 meter in length. The Digestive system can be observed. Nerves in one person’s body … if we could connect all, they would warp the Globe two and a half times. Interesting fact: Average number of cells in the human brain is 15 billion. The Brain weight only 2% of one person’s body weight and receives up to 30% of the blood. Cube of a Human Lung: Day-by-day 10000 liters of air pass through the lungs, out of which 360 liters of O2 are taken. An average person breathes 23 thousand time a day. When we sneezing the speed comes out from the nose 167 kms/hour. One more interesting fact: There are 4 main blood groups: A, B, AB and O. The O negative group is universal. 20 thousand years ago people had only one blood group which was: O. Two drops of blood have about 1 trillion red blood cells… now how about that!?!

Worthwhile to visit with children, family, friends and school groups.

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