Premiere – “The Last Fireworks” @ Bethlen Square Theater – Budapest

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The Last Fireworks – Meetings Talent Program

District, VII.,  3. Bethlen Square Theater – Budapest

Premiere – January, 8. 2019. – 7 p.m.

The last fireworks were based on Jens Christian Grøndahl’s Black Forest and Alex Broun’s First Fireworks.

Whether by short notice missing the a/m date, the next performance will be on January, 15., at 7 p.m. at the same theater. Tickets available on the spot ticket office.

 A heart-warming “Hollywood” and a dark-toned “Bergman type” mother-adult girl relationship that interact with each other.

The girl inevitably carries the parents’ sins in both stories, since she has already brought a member of the latest generation into the world. Casts by Dorottya Udvaros- Kossuth and Jászai Mari Prize winner actress, Eszter Földes,  Director Assistant: Anna Fazekas, Mentor director: Tamás Jordán, Director: Anna Csábi –   Work of director from Târgu Mureș (standing in the middle of the snap above).

Never been now-a-days a better actual  theme to draw attention to the past and to-day’s generation togetherness.

Hopefully, not on my own by saying , that not just in Europe all professions and duties require more-and-more things. Expectations starts at already at the Day care center, thereon at  the kindergarten, at school, and stepping into a workplace … then up the ladder. Be a theater director, company manager, tourist agent or whatever. Meanwhile, we forget about the most important things that surround us … our family! About our descendants who are no longer with us, our parents, grandparents, our unborn children, our grandchildren, our friends.  An individual has to face themselves, their past, own mother and father. Escape from things is never worth it.

A drama in a way, but mostly to many in the audience will ring the bell in a way to their own relationship with their Mum. Even though the play is with two actresses on stage, it is very eye-catching, especially cause the audience are within reaching the actresses and the body language say more than words. For the time being it is in Hungarian language, but hopefully will be on stage with subtitles in the future for English-speaking audience.

In the spring of 2015, the Bethlen Square Theater and Manna’s Talent Program launched. Following the first contest, two productions were performed in 2016: the presentation of „Mary and Max” by Péter Valcz was performed by Bálint Szilágyi, who performed „Peter Handke’s „Aranjuez’s Beautiful Days”.

As a result of the second competition, titled: „One Boy from Bosnia”, created by the novel of  Noémi Lazici and Éva Pataki, director Judit Cseh.

Another contest call was published in the spring of 2017, resulted in two more presentations: the first winner, Krisztina Vadász Reverse Lookup, was presented on January 17, 2018, and on the 11th of April, connected to the „Poetry Day” was held with the title of „Szívlapát” (Heart Shovel) by Fruzsina Dézsi  and Anna Gerencsér.

Coming up in the first half of 2019, two more presentations will be made in the framework of the talent program.

The Bethlen Square Theater is nearby the University of Veterinary.

Update  ans snaps by Aggie Reiter


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