Hearald News: In just 2 days to come – José Carreras  – Last Farewell World Tour @ Budapest

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Some snaps and more info heard at the press conference held on Monday, December, 17. 2018 at the Aria Hotel – Budapest

At the press conference these were told … José Carreras worked with the most famous conductors. He has been writing history for decades, master of the great moments of the stage, loving passionately, emotionally singing. He is the “star of the low tones”, one of the greatest don Josées of all time. Through its roles and concerts, success is crammed into success, full house is filled, and the loudspeakers are loud on the auditoriums, its tone resembles the great Carusó. His repertoire includes more than 60 operas, including the most outstanding ones: Andrea Chenier, La Boheme, Tosca, Werther, Don Carlo, Carmen, La Forza del Destino, I Pagliacci, L’Elisir d’Amore and Un Ballo in Maschera.

José Carreras spoke about a singer whether opera or other genre, but regarding to opera singer, there are major things to keep in mind before stepping on stage, for instance: the problem with the singers that they do not depend only on their own talent or how professional they are. They depend on their physical conditions, the vocal chord which are very delicate and can be effected from all sorts of different things … weather, to eat right things, drink the wrong things, therefore important to keep in mind about these before going on stage.

A Q  was raised about teaching…  Carreras A: “I am  does teaching but maybe in the future it will happen. I’m holding two or three times a year masterclasses where I gives suggestions, which is very difficult to give to singers. My proposals are that everyone should listen to their own voice and make them feel what is good for them.”

Most probably not too many folks have been present at José Carreras speaking about his tours. Here is a short video, a part of to-day’s press conference in Hungarian and Italian language:


Update , snaps, video by Aggie Reiter


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